Don’t mind the photo. It’s rather dated, way back when nippo-brasileiro model Akihiro Sato was big in Bangkok. I’m just rooting for him to win this year’s edition of Survivor-Philippines. Probably the dirtiest and most exciting season ever, Survivor has nearly gutted and destroyed Aki’s showbiz dream – with scenes of heavy intrigue, backstabbing and calumny. But apparently, he’s coming on strong now. The live voting results will be broadcast this Friday on GMA-7 prime time.

Trio Complete

Hey look, Dani‘s back from Brasilia after a vacation! He’s now ready to take on his commitments to GMA-7, which commitments were inked prior to his weeks-long R & R. His return to the Philippines completes the nipo-brasileiro triumvirate in modeling and showbiz. Of course, there’s charming Aki and cute Fabio in the picture. The three Brazilians, who are sought-after and well-liked in fashion shows and shoots, are also now on tv and the movies. I guess they’re really here to stay!


Who’s your choice? Three Brazilian guys with Japanese roots – Aki, Daniel and Fabio. They are all in showbiz now, as they make the rounds of tv shows, plus their new movie D’Survivors is showing this coming week in selected theaters. It’s an independently-produced flick featuring models, sexy shirtless in a bright and green island. Among the three models, who is your best bet in the hotta-meter? Poll’s shown above.


How come much-loved Brazilian charmer Akihiro Sato goes rabbity and reserved when he’s here in Manila as he only takes his shirt off [and not his pants, see bottom photo] on the runways and in print ads? When he was in Bangkok, he easily slips into tiny t-backs and steadily struts his stuff on the catwalk [see top photo]. Maybe there’s a modesty clause in his contract here? Aki’s now an actor on GMA-7, starring on the prime time series Panday Kids.


This is the traffic hazard along EDSA in the Guadalupe area of Makati City. Male model Akihiro Sato is trying to lift his shirt for some abs exposure in this ad for Penshoppe’s Recut jeans. Although the billboard is a bit tame as compared to the other notorious EDSA ads, this image of Aki with nice skin and flat stomach and low-rise jeans is enough to raise some temperatures of the arousing kind.


The first movie of Brazilian model Akihiro Sato is now showing at the Robinsons Galleria IndieSine – Handumanan [Remembrance]. It means we should all go and see it, if only to support Aki most loved, who is doing his acting debut in this independently-produced flick about finding one’s self and all those serious matters about discovery and love and friendship. Cutie Jason Abalos is also in this movie, which is produced by Red Room Productions from a grant by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts [NCCA].

Aki for Bluewater Spa

Last night, our favorite fly-in model Aki was introduced to the press as one of the new endorsers of Blue Water Day Spa, “a wellness retreat” with branches all around the metro and in Tagaytay City.  Of course, Aki – who looked a bit bigger and bulkier – is still sexy and cute and charming in his new haircut and look.  This Brazilian-Japanese model is really here to stay for quite some time!

Aki is Back!

Spotted: Brazilian model Akihiro Sato grappling, sparring and live drilling with cute and hunky guys somewhere in a studio along Castro Street in Makati City.  Aki’s back and he’s doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu [BJJ] in a nondescript workroom at the back of the condo where he lives. He has gained a bit of weight, but he looks cuter than ever.  Glad that he’s back!

Aki doesn’t mind

He is such a sweetheart and he is sorely missed.  Male model Akihiro Sato doesn’t mind all those hands putting on make-up and coloring on his body.  He is quiet and accommodating, which traits have endeared this charming young Brazilian [with Japanese roots] to make-up artists, stylists and production people that he has worked with. Aki is reportedly still abroad doing modeling jobs.  He will definitely be back as his first Filipino movie Handumanan [Remembrance] is set to be shown this month.

Happy New Year!

Wow, such a year! Of course, you know the big stories of 2008 in this site – the pimps and hos and the photoshopped naked guy [Yes, the photos were fixed. Fabricated. Forged. Really.]. But I think our big man for 2008 was Akihiro Sato, hands down.  All posts about the Brazilian [with Japanese roots] model never failed to elicit positive comments and e-mails. He is really well-liked in the industry.  And methinks 2009 will be a big year for him, too. What with showbiz knocking at his door, aside from the commercial endorsements and ramp assignments.  Happy New Year everyone!