Why do boys love to show off their pubes in public? Is there a certain appeal to it? The guy on the left is Mossimo Bikini Summit alum and yoga teacher Aljarreau Galang who is most comfortable in his skin. The one on the right is, of course, Christian Bautista who is a deeply religious, proverb-quoting, theistic J freak, singer and occasional actor. And then again he had to show his pubic hair intentionally.

Dangerously Low

Don’t you just love guys in jeans worn so low that they leave barely nothing to the imagination? Take for example model and yoga teacher Al Galang, who is showing off his pubis already in them low-waisted jeans. What’s next, the base of his penis? There is no doubt that Al Galang is used to this kind of teasing, he’s worn bikinis before in the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 [where he finished runner-up behind Andrew Smith] and Speedos and tiny shorts in his yoga classes. He has every right to do so, of course, because of his fine bod. Happy Hump Day!

Mossimo is back + Johnny Z!

This year, the most anticipated [bikini] modeling event in the country is back! After a one-year hiatus, Mossimo Bikini Summit is going to be held in the first week of May in the island of Boracay. Last week, there were two screening dates that drew hundreds of hopefuls into this prestigious bikini competition. In photo is Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 second-runner-up Aljarreau Galang or Al Galang. The 25-year-old part-time model and full-time yoga instructor is also known as DJ Johnny Z of 103.5 Max FM.

Misc. Backstage

Photos sent in by regular regulars, too good not to share. Top one is yoga instructor and dj Al Galang aka Johnny Z [black briefs] fooling around with fellow candidate Thomas “Bo” Rivera backstage at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 finals. The two have been noticed after their Mossimo stint: Johnny Z is now a radio jock for 103.5 MAX FM [1-4 pm daily] while Bo is a Bench model and endorser. Both were Cosmo Men for 2007. On the other hand, lower photo shows Ian Leonel Porlayagan [center], current Mister Philippines and Cosmo Bachelor Bash model, in some leopard-print bikini fashion show. The guy has gone from dumps to dives, after winning the Mister Philippines title.

Aljarreau Galang, Yoga Instructor

Aljarreau Galang, or simply Al Galang – second runner-up at the recently-concluded Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007, grew up in San Diego, CA but came home to Manila “to spread bikram yoga.” The 24-year old hottie took up Political Science and Art History at UCLA. Before flying in to Manila in October last year, he was a yoga instructor at the Bikram Headquarters in La Cienega, Bikram Fullerton, and Bikram downtown LA [the one right across Disney Concert Hall]. Now that he is home, the yoga instructor can be seen regularly holding classes at Bikram Yoga Manila with two studios in the metro – Makati and Quezon City. So if you need to lose weight or you always feel stressed or you lack energy or you want to learn from Al Galang himself, do bikram yoga and inquire from their website at

Winning Moment

It gives me utter pleasure to see moments like these at beauty contests. While John Anthony Lopez [the obviously go-getter and confident model, who pronounces his name as Jan Loww-pezzz for reasons I cannot understand still] can’t believe his fortune for landing merely 1st runner-up – and thus the fake smile, 2nd runner-up Al Galang tightly squeezes eventual winner Andrew Smith at the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit contest. It must be the overwhelming emotions at winning third overall, I’m not sure. Or he was just happy for the winner. For whatever the act of embracing is worth, Al Galang’s huge appendage down South surely got in the way of Andrew Smith’s, er, blob, too.

Andrew Smith wins 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit

[Andrew Smith, winner]

[John Lopez, 1st RU]
[Al Galang, 2nd RU]
UPH was disappointed. Not just disappointed but devastated-disappointed. Aside from the fact that his bets Adrian Racho and Kim Gantioqui did not even make it to the semis of the Mossimo-Bikini Summit 2007, which we attended earlier, the boy who won was rather, er, fat. Relatively, that is, as there were far more abs-laden male contestants there. The annual bikini-fest proclaimed as male division winner, the chunky Andrew Smith, who had gorgeous facial features and pear-shaped bod [notwithstanding the bulge, the bulge!]. Pageant veteran, the contrived John Lopez was a near-miss at the first runner-up position while huge-crotched Al Galang landed second runner-up honors. More photos coming up soon.