Bare Boys

Twenty-one-year-old Adhiraj Gaur more popularly known as Addy Raj has a meteoric climb to showbiz fame. Thanks to his talent (singing), an interesting pretty face, and insane abs, he is making waves in GMA.  We encourage him to lose his shirt always.

While clothing brands Bench had Pietro and Penshoppe the Mata twins, F&H went to summer with these ones: Kenzo Gutierrez and Alexander Diaz. What I’m saying is, while they may be a few notches down the Ulmer Scale, give me hot torsos, a pit shot and lots of highlighters and I’m a fan.

Boys in the Water

Introducing Jomari Angeles, Jericho Rosales’s younger bro in the primetime series of ABS-CBN, Magpahanggang Wakas

He loves showing off his fine tiny bod, but we can’t complain that much: Alexander Diaz is cute, twinky cute and we’re loving every show of flesh!

The little boy singer is now, uh, a little man singer! Khalil Ramos wants in on the shirtless parade and he deserves a slot, right?

The ultimate fuckboy (you have to Google the meaning, you simple-minded virgin), Luis Hontiveros is out of the famous house and he’s churning out more home-made videos!

Who is Ricci Rivero and why is everyone going gaga over his social media famewhoring posts? You’ll have to go out with him to find out.

Dom Roque may not be that popular anymore, but he’s still top in our racy book. Who could resist that sunny smile and well, luscious man-pits?

Where the boys are

The boys are out! They’re ringing in the New Year with their vacation photos, some with their boy  friends. We’re actually loving them, aren’t we?

Prince and Paolo are in Bangkok for the White Party.

Janjep Carlos headlined the Bangkok White Party.

Ahron Villena is somewhere in the Swiss Alps with beau.

Kennedy Alfonso is also in Europe with  bf. Sshh.

Alex Diaz spends time with Sam Concepcion in La Union.


AlexSuddenly radio-jock-actor-commercial-model Alexander Diaz has found confidence in going all-out sexy in photo shoots. Maybe he’s really in love. Or just inspired. Whatever the case, aren’t you glad he’s baring and daring lately?

In Heat

AlexDespite the filtering, Alexander Diaz really looks good in person. If you have a thing for young and twinky boys, then Alex is your thing. He may not be that popular yet on TV, as he has taken bit player roles only, but he is surely heating up the summer even more with his extra-brash shirtless and short-shorts moves.


DiazDon’t diss him just yet. Everytime I post a photo of 20-year-old Scottish-Filipino charmer Alexander Diaz (or Alexander Diaz McDermott), you throw all the vile and filth, my dear wayward readers. That is not nice. This one is a good kid. He’s making a name for himself in the biz as a multi-hyphenated talent – he’s an actor, singer, host and radio jock.  Plus, he’s apparently dating the spawn of a very popular actor (Surprise!). Be nice, he’s on our team.