Time flies fast. You’re a pimply, horny teenager one time and next thing you know, you’re an adult on a yacht. Alexander Diaz a.k.a.  Alexander McDermott is basking in his newfound glory under the hot January sun. Do we love him more now? Before?


The rest of the boys in the latest editorial I featured recently – Tanner, Alex and Vince. To each his own, and whether its cutesy Tanner, perky Alex or athletic Vince, every boy with a tight bod tickles my fickle fancy. Snog, Marry, Avoid?


DiazDon’t diss him just yet. Everytime I post a photo of 20-year-old Scottish-Filipino charmer Alexander Diaz (or Alexander Diaz McDermott), you throw all the vile and filth, my dear wayward readers. That is not nice. This one is a good kid. He’s making a name for himself in the biz as a multi-hyphenated talent – he’s an actor, singer, host and radio jock.  Plus, he’s apparently dating the spawn of a very popular actor (Surprise!). Be nice, he’s on our team.