Now that he has been proclaimed as one of the councilors of the second district of Quezon City, actor Alfred Vargas is taking a break from showbiz. Although he said that he’s not exactly abandoning the glare of the klieg lights, he’s more inclined to give priority now to politics, er, public service. This move by the 28-year-old swarthy actor could mean less sexy nekkid photo shoots like the one above. Too bad.


Whatever happened to Alfred Vargas‘s career? It has been a while since he’s gone butt-naked for a calendar, a photo shoot, a movie and a tv soap. The 27-year-old hunk was once one of the top actors-in-contention-for-leading-man-status over at GMA-7, and his star has now been relegated to the hazy backdrop of bit and supporting roles on tv and occasionally, film. If his handlers are not that judicious in charting his career path, he might end up in character actor assignments. Too bad, since this swarthy hunk is one of those rare talented and educated actors around.

Alfred Vargas is giving

Look, it’s 27-year-old actor Alfred Vargas and he’s dressed for the occasion, er, season. Well, almost. Plus he brings a gift! Alfred Vargas is one of the exclusive actors of GMA-7, with starring roles in the station’s afternoon soaps. He has gone sexy and daring before in the local underwear brand Walker’s photo book, and he’s coming out in another one early next year. A stint in Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine’s raunchy pages also established his sexy image as an actor.