I’ll Be Waiting For You

That would have to be the title of the new movie of emerging heartthrob Aljur Abrenica for Regal Films. Photo above is one of the first and exclusive images of the actor shooting the romantic film in scenic Bohol. According to showbiz pundits, the big film outfit is taking a flyer on this one with cute Aljur as he has never gone solo as the leading man in a movie before. Yet, the venture’s confidently placed on Aljur and his romantic interest because of the phenomenal ratings of their afternoon soap before [Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin] and their prime time series now [All My Life] in GMA-7. It seems like Aljur’s star is rising.

Aljur does All My Life

Teen actor Aljur Abrenica gets the biggest break in his career as he headlines GMA-7’s new prime time melodrama All My Life starting 29 June 2009. Aljur takes an early shot at leading-man status in his home studio with this late evening soap, after the success of his afternoon drama [which got high ratings, to the surprise of his handlers and tv execs]. Aljur has indeed gone a long way from his Starstruck [a reality contest and search for new actors] days as a fledgling talent. Now, he’s in the big league with the launch of this romantic and family-oriented drama.

Jake and ‘Jur

Arguably, these are two of the hottest actors right now in the competing stations. Jake Cuenca [top] is one of the primary actors in the top-rating primetime show Tayong Dalawa on ABS-CBN. Aside from that, he’s busy with other tv appearances in his mother studio and out-of-town shows connected with his being a member of the boy-teasers Coverboys. Of course, he’s still one of the models for the local underwear line Bench Body, as he’s still in fighting form. On the other hand, there’s cutesy Aljur Abrenica of GMA-7, who’s getting noticed with his acting chops in the afternoon drama series Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin. Well, sometimes he goes shirtless in the episodes and he ups the swoon factor most of the time. A few more of the polishing and the working out and this kid’s going to be big [read: more popular and in demand] in showbiz. Ever since he won the Ultimate Hunk title in the reality show Starstruck, Aljur Abrenica ‘s star has been on the rise. He’s GMA-7’s next best bet for stardom, barring any unforeseen circumstances, e.g. bad press, sex vids.

Birthday Boy!

Today, 24 March 2009, GMA-7’s resident hunk-on-the-rise Aljur Abrenica is turning 19 years old. Things are going great for this young actor’s career now.  After a stint in the reality show Starstruck, Aljur appeared in teen shows in his home network.  Right now, there is a big shift to adult and more mature roles.  He’s in the afternoon soap, Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin, where he gets to do, er, adult stuff.  Too, he was recently named as the Most Promising Male Star of TV and Movies by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Awards.  It looks like he really is on the upswing. Happy Birthday, Aljur Abrenica!

Aljur dons short shorts

Is Aljur Abrenica, that cute kid down by the GMA 7 studios, being groomed as a sexy actor? Discovered through the reality show Starstruck, the 18-year-old Aljur has – ever since he won the Ultimate Hunk title in the show – been positioned in the sexy teen category. He, in fact, landed in StarStudio magazine’s top 12 “most sizzling boys under 23.” Now, that’s a considerable feat for this young guy as he is starting to get noticed.

Aljur Abrenica takes off

Aljur Mikael Abrenica’s career is going great guns these days. As one of the grand winners of GMA 7’s reality-based artista search Starstruck [Season 4], he was immediately given a lead project in the network’s shows – the weekend afternoon show Boys Nxt Door and the prime-time metal hero series Zaido. He is set to share stellar status with big-name actors in the Metro Manila Filmfest hit series Enteng Kabisote this December. Photos above show Aljur in all his shirtless glory, taken when the Starstruck show was choosing its “Centerfold Hunk.” He won the award, natch.

Zaido: Boys in Tights

GMA 7 will launch on Monday, September 24 its newest primetime series, Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan [Space Cops], based on Japanese tv program Shaider. Dennis Trillo [middle], Marky Cielo [left] and Aljur Abrenica will lead the series. The tv show is originally aimed at kids and 80s kids [who grew up with the metal hero series Shaider] but it looks like there is great anticipation from the gay guys too, as the buzz is on the lead actors’ bumps and blobs in their tight pants.