Getting On

Well, the bikini episode has come full circle, unwinding in its final bedraggled hour. This is actually Alken Miranda [yes, that’s him, with the prominent tats], who was hot as a Hotmen member three, four years ago. Now, he’s still at it, competing in a small bar [actually at the Palawan Bar on the seedy side of Cubao], among younger, leaner boys of the streetwalker variety. It has come to this.

Old Pics

I’m thinking of making Sunday as Old Pics Day. You know, photos from yesteryears. That’s 10-15 years ago, before the advent of the internet, phone cameras and SMS. Back then the boys were sweet-looking, not too buff and polished but raw and manly. They came as they are. Oops, I think that didn’t sound right. It’s just that I’m putting a poll above if old photos of Filipino hunks would still interest you today. If so, then Sundays will be devoted solely to such posts [unless there are more important entries on that day]. Sampler: Alken Miranda.

Alken absent

One of the more promising Viva Hotmen then was 6′-tall hunk Alken Miranda.  He was described as the shy and quiet member. Noticeably, he was also one of the more goodlooking guys in the bunch. Yet, when the group disbanded, he disappeared from the klieg lights.  Too, his manager went on to concentrate on the career of a dark-skinned singer  [the one who was rejected as a Viva Hotmen member, ejected as a singer by GMA 7, and gladly welcomed by ABS-CBN].  Too bad, Alken Miranda could have made it even better in showbiz. He is sorely missed.

Alken and Paolo

Paolo Serrano [bottom pic] and Alken Miranda were members of the now-disbanded VivaHotmen. Paolo Serrano, reportedly only 20 years old, is active in the indie circuit – having appeared recently in movies such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Hipo and the controversial direct-to-video Masahe M2M. On the other hand, 23-year old Alken Miranda seemed to have disappeared into oblivion after doing the Kama Sutra video a few years back.