The Others


There were others who made their marks in that show. Like model JM Lasala with the low hangers and the VPL.


The Chinitos, Harren, Arcel and Allen, with their backsides.


And exotic model Mark Canlas in the tiniest pouch, just enough to hold his balls and dignity.

The Chinitos are back


The Chinitos, fine-looking boys Harren Cuevas [leftmost], Arcel Yambing [middle] and Allen Molina are back! They should be in a group, sing-and-dance-and-whatnots.  Quick give them a group name!

Primary Assets

L1420390 copy

At the Bench go-see for The Naked Truth, the underwear company’s biannual bare- and bulges-festival, Bikini Open King Allen Molina was the only model who auditioned in a, uh, butt floss. The t-back exposed his firm and tight posterior to the delight of the judges and the amusement of the other models in the gallery.

L1420400 copy

Muscular, with well-defined bulges here and there. Cute bubble butt. Handsome mug. He looks good at any angle.

Shooting Allen Molina

IMG_9201 copy

Shooting Allen Molina is such a breeze. No fancy costumes, no crazy poses. Just a bikini. Add in some pecs and abs and a bit of bump. Allen is really the ultimate bikini boy this side of town. No, he is the king of  competitions that involve tiny underwear and large distentions!

Sweet Disposition

L1420397 copy

Allen Molina is really the king of bikini contests now. Front and back, he’s flawless and come-hither in his skimpy underthings. Here, he’s wearing his signature bandage bikini [think Hervé Léger bandage dress without the dress, but in gravity-defying anti-wardrobe-malfunction straps].

Butt, Plump

IMG_7428 copy

Buttocks, plump like Allen Molina‘s. Smooth and flawless, too. There’s nothing sexier than a man’s backside, fully worked out.

All In Molina

How would one describe Allen Ong Molina, the king of bikini contests the past couple of years? Let’s see..He is one hot dude with a hot bod and a hotter torso with impossible abs. One meaty, creamy goodness of his pure Royal Hunkness. Any takers?

Allen Molina is the king of bikini competitions

Well, Allen Ong Molina just won last night’s biggest bikini competition in the South – the Daragang Magayon Bikini Open 2014.  You have to see him in action how he does it. It means winning every title and award from every nook and village in Luzon. Take for example this Magayon contest.

The minute he stepped into the stage for the introduction, he owned the crowd 
(that sweaty-wet shirt giveaway never failed).

The fantasy wear segment featured him in “snow angel” costume.
No matter how ridiculous the outfit, Allen came out ultra fine.
And sexy.

He knew how to turn on the charm.

With a bonus of buttocks.
The contest had a program called the “showdown” where the contestants had to dance.
Allen gyrated, to the delight of the girls and girls alike.
He swayed to the left, too.
Of course, he had to do his signature moves.
The push-up.
The awesome handstand.
No one can top him.

He had to win eventually.


The king of bikini contests is arguably Allen Molina. His derring-do on stage is one for the books. Butt, gouch and lots of uncovered skin make him the winner in almost all of the competitions in town [and out of town]. What prompted him to do such acts is anyone’s wild guess, as he could have gone the easy path to showbiz cutesy-ness with his charming boyish face and hot bod. 

Barely There

From Luciano chic to …

Allen chintzy, the thong is making a comeback in men’s underwear fashion. I think. It’s sexy and groin -baring! Plus, this type of underwear offers very little protection [and cover] and leaves much to the prurient imagination. Kinky, right?
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