A Replicating Musk

dscf1837Crowdsourcing is good. Sometimes I get all these gratuitous images in the mail, and they’re too good not to share with you, however mean and nasty you can be with all your fussy, finicky comments. This weekend’s post is all about anonymous guy in the shower, cocked and ready for the big, wet one. You are most welcome!

The worker

Here we go again. After all the entries on the sleek-slick models and actors, it’s the turn of the -er, the construction worker who smells of the dry burning sun and the sweet sweat from his firm body. For some reason, there’s a certain appeal in there for the hardworking construction man – like some raw and natural charm that is at times engaging and fascinating. For example, here’s Lester Quijano, who is 22 years old, stands 5’10” and a native of Muntinlupa City.