Morning Wood

Reader D.B. sends an email with this attachment and asks about the whereabouts of former teen actor Andrew Schimmer and if ever he endorsed an underwear brand. Hmm, those are tough questions D.B. and I’m tempted to answer back with the not-his-keeper line, except that you were very kind to share these screen caps of Mr. Schimmer with the morning wood. After a series of limited-release indie flicks where he bared his butt and balls, he seemed to have disappeared from the limelight. I also think he didn’t become an underwear endorser. Imagine the scandalous bulge on those briefs!

Andrew simmers

I wish I can just hang out like Andrew Schimmer au naturel in bed all day.  But then again it’s the start of the work week. Darn.  Incidentally, I just learned that Andrew Schimmer  has a direct-to-video flick called  Blindside.  It’s a soft porn movie about a blind girl in a complicated murder-and-mystery plot.  The plus side, of course, is the nudity.  I wonder how Andrew did in the 45-minute video?

Andrew Schimmer in daring movies

It seems like Andrew Schimmer is doing the sexy route these days, what with his acceptance of roles in movies with erotic themes. After his revealing love scenes in the movie Green Paradise, expect more shimmer, er, Schimmer in movies such as Eskandalo and Project X: Pinoy Deep Throat. In Eskandalo, Andrew plays a hustler who puts a canister up the ass of veteran actor Emilio Garcia [tasteless, tasteless movie, if you ask me].  

SWI Great Bodies Winners

The number 13 proved to be luckier than 7 this time as James Mark Banzon , who represented the Megamall branch of Slimmers World, copped the Slimmers World Great Bodies 2007 title last weekend. Meanwhile, the fancied Number 7, actor John Andrew Schimmer of SWI Trafalgar Makati branch landed first runner -up. Alfredo “Jun” Danganan of SWI Pasay Road settled for the second runner-up.

Andrew Schimmer’s time to shine

Reader harrychuachika, who never fails to surprise me, sent in this photo and asks: “Isn’t that Andrew Schimmer?”. Most probably, as he is the only guy I know with the “JAS” tat on his right arm. This was taken a few days ago at the Slimmers World Great Bodies launch, and I presume he is one of the contestants. His development and transformation is quite amazing, as he went from gangly teen to incredible bulk. Now 21 years old, the Fil-German John Andrew Schimmer was last seen in the comedy flick Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat and will soon be appearing as the male lead in the sex movie, Green Paradise.