Anjo Damiles has come (no pun) a long, and hard way, indeed. From his bathroom antics in BenchBody briefs to the casting couch of the Bench offices, he’s certainly earned his spot in the underwear brand’s rogue gallery of wanking young boys (Kiko, Albie, Marco, etc.). We, of course, want him to update his portfolio. (more…)

Anjo The Stars

Bit player and occasional model Anjo Damiles has certainly come a long way from his bathroom selfie days. From the nasty musky confines of a cramped toilet to the cardboard fantasy land of a major brand, Anjo continues to leave his mark. Or manhood.


The Scandal Squad is complete, and so is our indelicate meandering!  Anjo Damiles is the surprise model in the Bench/Body funway-runway called Under the Stars. Are we even surprised he’s part of the show, along with the other shittle-showing sexy squirts?

Unless you get nude…

A101 A104 A105…. we probably won’t notice you, dude! When Anjo Damiles was a wee bit younger, he loved posting photos of himself in his social media account for vanity’s sake. Of course, there was the obligatory abs and dick shots. These days, he’s a rookie actor struggling to make a name for himself on tv.  We notice you now.

A rising star

AnjoDOut of nowhere, this cute boy who goes by the name of Anjo Damiles shot to relative fame via ABS -CBN shows.  I was totally unaware of little Anjo until he gradually appeared in the afternoon shows and in the process, took his shirt off for a little sexy time (how else would you notice someone?).

Anjo31 anjo damiles1 anjo3

Of course, as with bored teenagers and young millennials, he took nearly-nekkid selfies in his crammy-clammy tiny bathroom back when he had nothing else to do, to monitor his, uh, growth. Which reminds me of that phrase: From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.