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Oh, you are one spoiled lot! On Mondays, you get treats, so that you can drag your weary ass off to the saltmines! What better pick-me-up than a random naked boy on this site, huh? So here it is! Now get to work for another week of hectic yet animating donkeywork!

Burping the worm

JhonmarkThis will be the last post of screen caps of wank videos! Well, for the week. Or else this site will be forever labeled as vulgar and crude. But we haven’t cared a wee bit, have we? It’s all about diversity from the high-end models to high-end escort boys. Of course, we don’t forget the racy bikini boys, who make things happen (i.e. contests in small bars) on weekends.  Today’s screencaps is brought to you by . . . oh, you know him already.

Monday sucks!


So here’s a pick-me-upper: our favorite indie queer movie boy doing what he does best. He’s putting on a show and it’s hot, hot, hot! There’s a video and I wish I can post the lengthy 28-minutes (gasp!) suck-and-shlick show. In the meantime, here are some select scenes. I’m pretty sure you can visualize how it goes. Happy Monday everyone!

Pits & Prick

dencioIt has been a while since we last saw Dennis Trillo at his sexiest (read: in underwear). Hopefully, that Bench Body stint wasn’t the last. These days, he’s contented teasing and pleasing with some sexy body parts. Like this pits shot. We may never see him don those nasty undergarments in the near future, but any show of skin is greatly appreciated.


These are not Dennis dick pics, though. Dennis is cut while this dude’s got the foreskin and stuff and I wish I can name him now. As for Dennis,  if you search far and wide in the world wide web, there’s a photo somewhere of Dennis and his little member. Remind me to post that some other time.

Peep show

TR1 TR2The things I get in the mail!


IMG_3156He’s a, uh, trailblazer in terms of racy candid photos on the worldwide web. Before the onset of these demi-celebs showing body members where the sun does not necessarily shine, he’s been doing it.  He is back and reminds us what he’s got down there!

Dickfie weekend

DjOnce in a while you get this – a nekkid guy on a dumpy bed. In a lonely room, sheets gaudy and a whole lot of spunk. Or cockiness.

Perky little porn star

Anon anon2anon2

Arch your back.
Turn. Pose. Head for the shower.
Slowly peel your sweaty clothes.
Pout, brood, sulk, scowl.
And as you step beneath the steamy spray.
Pretend you don’t notice you’re on display.
Keep on soaping, groping too.
Because everybody’s secretly scoping you.

Hump Day Hunk

Anon87It’s the middle of the week. Time for some hot, hot hunk with privates exposed! Because we all need a dick sometimes to keep us happy, hale and hearty, here’s the obligatory post for the day. Some nude selfie of an anonymous model guy.

Porn star boss

S100Who’s our humpy hunky boy, slowly slipping out of the skimpy towel?


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