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Good morning starshine, the earth says hello
You twinkle above us, we twinkle below!

Just another cute boy


Actor Kiko Estrada firmly denies viral nude photo. So there, it’s not him. It’s just another cute little boy.

Another cute boy



Good morning Starshine!

Cute Boy



The lovely penis


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I’ve peeled off all the layers. And what have I discovered?
That being naked means much more than being just uncovered.

Random naked guy


Because it’s the first work day of the year, I’m pretty sure you need a little lift-me-up. Besides, I am way too  lifeless for this day. In a lame effort to put out a post, here’s random naked guy to, uh, perk up your members, I meant Monday. So, off to the salt mines you go! (more…)

Who’s dat boy?


Any wild, wild guess?

And even more…

… photos of that group of naked boys in a seedy bar.
Happy Sunday, everyone!

Mirror, Mirror

Who is the most acceptable of them all?
(How about some sleaze on a Friday?)


Sex sells. Underwear endorsers these days are really more daring.
Gone were the days of paddings and baskets to hide the shape of the genitals.
Just look at John Spainhour, the ideal underwear model, who’s not too timid showing off.

Or this fly-in model who is doing the catalog for Bench Body. The Bulge is really here to stay!
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