Happy Hump Day! Because we all need a dick sometimes to keep us happy, hale and hearty, here’s the obligatory post for the day. Some nude selfie of an anonymous guy. Complete the caption:  A dick a day, keeps _______________ . 

Candy Cutie

Isn’t he a cutie? No 411 on this guy yet, but I’m pretty sure there
are lots of images of him in various states of undress coming soon. 
Maybe a feature under the R.N.G. title, too.


Hell yeah, it’s F-back Friday! Time for some dick, t-back style. How’s it going for you?


How about this one? Random naked guy, dick-a-dangling.

Naked Guys Protest

The recent Oblation Run in UP-Los Banos, where naked guys went a-trampling across campus grounds, raising their arms [and some body parts, too] in dissent against relevant national issues. And then again, we were only interested in the man-parts and that one hunky guy with the dangling donger. Tssss.

How to suck an uncut penis

Whether it is of international model [and SM Department Store endorser] David Gandy

or of some random Filipino hunk, the uncut human penis is such an exotic and rare, uh, delicacy this side of the globe.  With concerns about the smell of piss and the sight of smegma, how do you suck an uncircumcised cock?

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