Up Yours!

I’m still on vacation, and a quickie post is up today, meant for all the haters, critics and negative people out there: Up Yours!

Mandatory Big Snag

Sshh.. I’m on vacation, so I’m leaving you with this recent screencap from the mail.

Rajah Koi Is Raw

I Wish Raja Okra


Lazy-Ass Post

Dairyman Got Bangs! Yes, this is the lazy-ass post for the day because, well, it’s a slow weekend. I’m serving you real good old rump. There’s just no comparing the depth of flavor of a dry-aged piece of meat. The savoriness, sweetness, some bitterness of the beef all come up. In short, it’s wonderful, delicious stuff.

Mad Bang Gyrations

Bandying at orgasm

Pickle Can Air

Nail Ace Prick


Oil Kink Maze

Milk Oak Zine

I Jacking Era

Meet the lazy-ass post for the day: Jerking Acai


Gizmo Leach

Omega Zilch


Ego Mood Icing

Icon Gig Mooed

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