Jetliner Razed Snafu

The things I get in the mail these days! Why not share, right?


Man Crush Monday!


Everyone’s busy for the holidays, so I leave you with this lazy-ass post for today. You might be familiar with this one, with some flagrant and real treat after the jump. (more…)

Had milker video

This Benchsetter had milker video and you’re not about to see the whole thing yet. Maybe on a special occasion. Or a holiday. For now, I will forever torment you with these photos, for being such cynical, complaining and whining  lot. Cheer up.

Ionic Egg Mood

Gig Mooed Coin

Arousing Video

And here’s the video, too. Judge for yourself.

Birthday Suit

Back when it was not yet popular to churn out wank videos, we had this. It didn’t necessarily break the gay internet, but it was fodder for the sleazy gossip mill. Was it him? Why was he chatting with a guy named Dale? The doppelgänger seemed uncanny, though. (more…)

Always Vulgar

Alarming video?

Kid Reverend

Revered Kind

Alpha Limp Trip

Papa Thrill Imp

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