Tony Tony

I told you he’ll be a big starAnthony Labrusca is slowly inching his way to the top, and he’s getting successful. He has the height, a cute mug, enormous talent and sheer determination. Of course, his young bod’s on its way into muscle fitness status, too. How else can he go wrong?


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but does youth always trump, uhm, maturity? While we’re on the topic of sons and dads, I present to you Boom Labrusca with son Anthony. The features on hot dads and sons in this site have been very few and far between, and I am just too glad that Boom and Tony took their shirts off in the name of summer hotness.

The Next Big Star


Is Tony Labrusca, of course. The 21-year-old hottie is starting with small strides to superstardom, thanks to his interesting look and musical talent.  He’s now part of Pinoy Boyband Superstar and methinks he’ll be very popular after this competition. Check out his hot dad’s profile, too, here.