Dream Parade


IMG_7227This is my dream parade. John Spainhour would go first, then the Semerad twins – David and Anthony, followed by Vince Ferraren and Arnold van Opstal. Tall, bulky boys bulging in their undergarments! A year ago today, this happened at the Bench Naked Truth underwear show. The stars aligned that afternoon for a rare glimpse of these men together in one stage, fleeting, passing by. The hunks lined up alright!

IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7231

Up in varsity hills

varsityObviously you’re eyeing the smaller and cute one.  The 5’9″-tall basketball player is Yvan Ludovice, who played for the San Beda Red Lions several seasons ago. He’s between Baser Amer and David (or maybe Anthony) Semerad, teammates in the champion team of the Mendiola-based school at the collegiate games.  They may not be the usual hunks we feature here (except for the Semerad guy), but their tempting physical attributes alone are enough to support this post.

Here We Go!


[Updated] It’s that time of the year when the collegiate basketball players come out to play. For example, Bench Body underwear model Anthony Semerad is putting on his jersey shorts as he suits up for the San Beda Red Lions team. He’s with team mates No. 15 Kyle Pascual [24 years old, center] and  No. 19 JV Mocon[18 years old, power forward]. Of course, there are lots of cute and hunky varsity players out there. Who’s your bet?

Twins. Again.

The hunky twins are at it again! Anthony and David Semerad are shooting a new campaign for Bench Body. It could be racier. Or maybe conservative. Who cares, when they’re hot as fuck even in their boxer briefs? [In case you’re wondering about the giant cardboard cutouts, those are part of an exhibit held recently at the Bench offices. Anthony is posing in front of his board with the white shorts, while David is in the darker shorts].


In other news, Bench Body came out with a statement to appease the buying public  —  It has come to the attention of the company that you whinos have been accusing Bench Body of resorting to Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the bulges of the Semerads from massive to miniscule in the recent back-to-school campaign. We are now sending you a candid runway photo of David [or Anthony, it doesn’t matter they are identical, they have identical dicks, too] to prove that Bench Body is committed to truth in advertising. We hope that this will settle the issue once and for all.