Mister Model


Today’s the day for Arcel Yambing to win in the Mister Model International contest in Miami, FL (happening at the Flamingo Theater Bar at 8 pm).  This charming model is representing the Philippines in the international competition and considering how pageant-crazy this side of the pond is, he must win this one. He has a fighting chance, and whatever the outcome is, we love him just the same. As long as he’s in underthings and bikinis, of course.

Misters of the Phils

boysOn Monday, we get a serving of two cute little model boys. You’ve met Patrick Magtanong (left) and Arcel Yambing before in various VPL poses. They’re now contestants in a “personality” contest called Misters of the Philippines or something, I thinks it’s that one where the policeman won last year. The point of this post is I’m betting on these boys so that they can go abroad and compete and come back with more model cred for the runways. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Top model intense

Arcel Derek Zoolanderish Arcel Yambing is quietly making a name as a top model in the country. He’s been seen in the fashion runways lately for top designers and commercial brands. Thanks to his chinito-swarthy good looks and height, he’s booking all the major shows this season.

Imagining Arcel

ArcelEver since his Bodyshots and Bench show stints, I have been raring to post racy photos of gorgeous chinito Arcel Yambing. Today, this will be the fifth (yes, I’ve been counting) time that he appears in this saucy blog. Arcel’s lithe physique reminds me of male models who exude youthful innocence and can make any clothes look good. Well, of course, I’d prefer to see him posing and walking in skimpy underthings, wouldn’t you?

The Others


There were others who made their marks in that show. Like model JM Lasala with the low hangers and the VPL.


The Chinitos, Harren, Arcel and Allen, with their backsides.


And exotic model Mark Canlas in the tiniest pouch, just enough to hold his balls and dignity.

The Chinitos are back


The Chinitos, fine-looking boys Harren Cuevas [leftmost], Arcel Yambing [middle] and Allen Molina are back! They should be in a group, sing-and-dance-and-whatnots.  Quick give them a group name!

Arcel with the VPL

arcel copy

He always has this VPL, right? From Bodyshots days to the Bench Body go-see, 21-year-old newbie model Arcel Yambing is definitely teasing and taunting with his hot bod (and rod).  Methinks, this chinito Kapampangan will go a long, long way in the modelling biz.

The Chinitos


Hot chinitos lumped together.This is not a boy group, although I wish they were a boy group singing and dancing in their undies. Assuming this is an aquarium, with only three boys left. Who would you get and why? Will you go for boyish Randy Cailles (M183)? Or the more mature John Harren Cuevas (M119)? How about sexy Arcel Yambing (M121)? I’ll take them all, if you ask me.



Fresh off the bus (FOB). This is Arcel Yambing, a 21-year-old aspiring model in the big city. He recently participated in the Bodyshots Modeling Competition, where failed to land in the top spot. However, his exposure in the show has helped him snag some projects on the runways for top designers in the metro.