Lukas Lakas!

lucasThere’s a new kid on the commercial block, and everybody wants a piece of his man-meat! Who wouldn’t love a sweaty handsome boy under the sun with just his jeans on? Lucas Lakas might just be the newest commercial model who’s making the big leap to showbiz.


In the real world, Aljon Salonga is  always wet under the hot, hot heat! He’s a member of the national water polo team, which explains his photos in tiny speedos.  Outside the pool, he’s putting to good use his BA Fine Arts degree. What’s not to love ?

BFF Matthew

Matthew CustodioSomehow this one slipped under our watchful radar for cute boy-athletes. Eighteen-year-old Matthew Custodio is Kobe‘s best bud, and he’s getting our attention now!  Like his famous friend, Matthew is also an athlete, a member of the under-19 Azkals football team.  He’s also a commercial model sometimes.  Life’s unfair, indeed.

This is our youth

IMG_1358In this site, there’s always someone for everyone. Today we cater to those who love the youngins, 18 and slightly above, of course.

IMG_1359This was bound to happen: clean-sexy shots of eighteen-year-old baller Kobe Paras. A hint of skin here, one gratuitous nipple shot, and a few pit hairs there. That’s how it goes.

Showing Off

MihoThere is a perfectly good reason why Migo Gonzaga is half-naked all the time in photos. He’s a swimmer and he’s hot as the weather. Unconventionally attractive, this photo – albeit a bit dark – nevertheless gives more than a hint as to what he has to offer.

Pure testosterone

Locker1 locker2This is my dream locker room, clean and smelling of men and their bodies, and hints of feet, pits and butts sometimes. It’s the heady mix of testosterone, musk, sweat and the odor of body parts from hunks, good looking hunks like Gaz Holgate, Chris Everingham, Harry Morris and Andrew Wolff. This is about as good as it gets.

Off Season


I’m wondering – and I’m pretty sure you are too – what Arnold van Opstal is up to these days. He’s not playing in the collegiate basketball games this season in preparation for his pro career.  In the meantime, he’s off season and I’m guessing he has lots of sexy free time at the moment.  For underwear modeling, of course.

Varsity Boy

MigoWe have to un-porn the site for a while. Our main post today is wholesome swimmer and occasional model Migo Gonzaga. The 22-year-old hottie with the swimmer’s bod used to be a varsity basketball player for Perpetual Help University before suiting up (or shedding clothes) for the College of St. Benilde swim team. Bring on the speedos!

Man Friday

NikkoToday’s post would have to be inspirational, mainly for fat people who are bitter and lonely and vitriolic. There is still a big fat chance of transformation – diet, exercise and all. Our fine specimen for today is Nikko Huelgas  who is in perfect shape because he lives a healthy lifestyle. Plus he’s into triathlons, so hats – and shirts and undergarments -off to this fine guy!

Sports Bet

MikeI’m not too knowledgeable about any kind of sports, but when it’s a shirtless Michael DiGregorio who’s playing basketball, I’m prepared to sit down and gawk and well, learn more about shooting and dribbling.  The Filipino-Italian cutie sure knows how to capitalize on his looks and bod, as he jumps into modeling Bench Body underwear once in a while. That, you’ll have to Google.

Up in varsity hills

varsityObviously you’re eyeing the smaller and cute one.  The 5’9″-tall basketball player is Yvan Ludovice, who played for the San Beda Red Lions several seasons ago. He’s between Baser Amer and David (or maybe Anthony) Semerad, teammates in the champion team of the Mendiola-based school at the collegiate games.  They may not be the usual hunks we feature here (except for the Semerad guy), but their tempting physical attributes alone are enough to support this post.

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