This is our youth


A new model boy in town is always a breath of fresh air. In this case, we take a whiff of the sweet smelling air around Fil-Swede model Patrik Franksson. Patrik first played for the Laos Football Club (based in Manila) in the United Football League Division 2.

AlbieAlbie Casino or Mr. Stallion, as he would like to call himself these days in apparent reference to his much-vaunted but unconfirmed giant member, teases and pleases once again with this wet pit shot. It is more than enough, for now.

ael nayveI’ll say the magic words: varsity basketball player. Ael Nayve makes an appearance in this site because – (1) he’s shirtless; (2) cute; and (3) plays college hoops for the DLS-CSB Blazers. If there’s any consolation in this post, he’s definitely rockin’ with his bod and that promise of a bulge down there.

AVO repeat

AVO copyArnold van Opstal is today’s returning feature because, well, he’s nearly-nekkid again as an underwear endorser. While we have ostensibly given up trying to discern the size of it all, the tall and tall varsity basketball player is, admittedly, sexy in this legs-and-arms shot for the undergarments company.

Summer hunks showcase

AVO copyFrom angular jaws we move to weak-chinned men, like Arnold van Opstal here. Don’t you just love big and tall and furry men on Tuesdays? One of our favorites in this site, very tall varsity guy and occasional underwear model AVO is back with his tiny lump. One can’t have it all! But then again, hunky long legs AVO is still one hot papi, if you ask me.

MacMahon2Mr. Big is back, too!  From headlining Bench Body a few years ago, he’s now an underwear catalog model! There’s no stopping Mark McMahon as he takes on almost all modelling projects in town. Of course, the shirtless, bulging underwear shoots are most appreciated.

Saucy sports guys

Nikko HuelgasA sporty guy ups the sexy factor a hundred fold. National triathlon record holder Nikko Huelgas is not only a good-looking sonofa%^&#guy but he’s also fast and strong. He’s bringing honors to the country by winning medals and recognition in his sport. As he’s doing a very noble deed, I’ll just pretend I did not notice that. Yes, that thing.

JericoSpeaking of bulges, occasional actor and track-and-field star Jerico Ejercito Estregan is also a celebrity in his own right. Did I just mention star? The 21-year-old athlete is fast becoming recognized as one of the brightest hopes in running or sprinting, pardon my ignorance of the terms of the sport. All, I know most definitely is that Jerico’s a little  sexy fireball as seen in his photos on the tracks.


In case you’re up for bikini and plump butt shots, Jerico used to compete in bodybuilding competitions.

The basketball players come back

BasketballOnce in a while, we stimulate healthy interaction among our readers. The best topic, of course, as we have quite established in the Mr Porter Says Hi  post is all about the hoops guys! And so, dear wayward reader, this is another feature about the basketball players. That’s controversial Terrence Romeo in red, who denied his relationship with a tv personality when he was still poor and slugging it out in varsity games. Of course, you know Anthony Semerad. The one on the right is their team mate Paolo Taha, who’s sexy mainly because of the abs and the fact that he’s, well, a basketball player.

Handsome as fuck

GazI’m always dreaming of a real guy, that’s fresh as a daisy, in a cute innocent boy kind of way but really a chunky hunky full-grown man, sexy and handsome as fuck. The first person that comes to mind is athlete Gaz Holgate, who’s pulling off both the boy-next-door look and the porn star bit, with a naughty and wicked mug. Isn’t he adorable?

All out for Matteo

IMG_8765Actor-athlete Matteo Guidicelli always gets some ribbing from his gay friends: if he’s not getting it from his girlfriend, then he’s always welcome to release his sexual urges upon them. In case you were hiding under a rock for the past year, our cute triathlete here is bf to The Last Virgin in Showbusiness.  With a strong body and handsome mug, how can one resist that powerful sexual energy from that boy?

Some clear joy is coming

MarlonI feel that this would be enough post for the day. Cute boy – professional race car driver Marlon Stockinger (He is the first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe) works the tri-suit in bump and blob perfection.   The 24-year-old cutie is making our loins quiver as he puts on the swim-bike-run outfit for the other sport he’s most interested in.

Varsity players say Hi

The boys are shirtless, sexy in the gym, on the studio floor. These are the basketball players of the big city schools. Some are famous. Some notorious, well, for different reasons. Although they are not conventionally handsome, they are sexy as fuck. Must be the strong arms and hard legs. Or the abs. Whatever. Take your fantasy pick.

AteneoFirst, the Ateneo Blue Eagles boys (from left): Kiefer Ravena, Gwyne Capacio, Tonino Gonzaga, Von Pessumal, Nico Elorde. Seated in the middle is Chris Newsome.

UPThe UP players are also hotties! Wait till you hear JR Gallarza‘s smooth voice and accent (leftmost). Or maybe see Mikee Reyes‘s sick abs (middle). How about Dave Moralde‘s court moves?

FeUMeanwhile at the University Belt, the Far Eastern University Tamaraws line up smorgasbord style. I don’t know their names, though. Fire away!

AVO The Man

avo copy

Did you ever feel a certain tingle when Arnold van Opstal came out in his underwear at the Bench Body show a few months back? That stirring of the loins. Some fever and raw fervor? Or was it just blah for you?


I’m asking because I didn’t hear much boisterous excitement about AVO getting down and dirty in his Bench Body briefs. Fine, he’s tall with a good physique. But is he even mightily gorgeous (and huge) modeling undergarments?

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