House Rules

  1. No grabbing.
  2.  He is not a ho’.
  3. Have money.
  4. Be clean.
  5. No crazy requests.
  6. Always tip.

7. Keep it in your pants.

8. Don’t finger the funk trunk.

Analyzing Dom

Dick sleuths, investigate. Is Dominic Roque wearing one of those Bulge Package Enhancer-Cup Pouch Men’s Sponge Pad Insert For Underwear (I Googled this)? He’s mighty fine for me, with or without the enhancements. Didn’t he just hold his own underwear turf against the modeling giants at that show?

Mr. October

No hell or shy weiner can stop John Spainhour from being part of an international campaign by Bench. Taken by the legendary photographer Bruce Weber for the first-ever VMAN calendar, John is the lone Filipino (ish) in a group of white dudes. Did he perform well? I’ll let the photos do the groping, er, growling.

Imagining Derrick

Continuing our mailbox contribution posts, this fan-made photo of Derrick Monasterio will make you wish he donned dem briefs at the weekend show. Maybe in five years time he’ll do it. Heck, he’ll wear those tiny thongs with glittery studs. Fashion is fickle, and so are values and moral codes in showbiz. Let’s wait and see.


The things I get in the mail! I’ve been preoccupied with the stars Under the Stars, I nearly missed out on this one from a lonely corner in the mailbox.  This is too good not to share, and it’s sexy and clean (read: no dickfie. I think).  He may not have dropped trou during the show, but this bathroom selfie proves he deserves to be in the sexy spot.

Men with Balls

Philippine rugby has a thick roster of hunks to grace every salacious pinup this side of the pond. No wonder Bench/Body tapped the services of Volcanoes guys  Joe Dawson (left) and Evan Spargo,  for its show last weekend. There’s something sexy about sweaty men with balls (rubber not hairy), right?

David’s Dick

Internet dick sleuths are having a field day with David Licauco‘s package at the Under the Stars show. It was one of the most awaited moments for most, who can’t seem to fathom that boy-next-door David would come out in undies. Cheap gauzy undies we can actually see his junk in the trunk. Can we see something? Do we need to see anything?

Under His Star

After the show, one of the questions left to ask was: what’s really that thing under Markki’s jockstrap? For a better view, here’s the big picture. Online sleuths can decipher. Is it the gouch? Or some awfully crushed balls? We have to give it to this guy, for the derring-do!


(Updating) Here is a brief collection of the shirtless boys and men who kept the stars burning bright last night. Man candy came in the likable forms of these actors, models and wannabes. It was a celebration of beauty and everything pretty. Feast your eyes upon this bodacious buffet!

Pièce de résistance

The pièce de résistance of tonight’s visual feast is Marco Gumabao, who is taking his first bow as an adult in the most scrumptious way possible. This is a fitting treat for us and for this 23-year-old actor who has endured the sidelines of showbiz for quite some time now. It’s his time to glimmer and glow Under The Stars!

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