Step Up


stefano2American model Stefano Churchill is a breath of fresh manly and musky air these days. The 24-year-old ANTM alum is one of the centerfold guys of Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine this year. In fact, he’s all over the place – in ads and magazine editorials, in various states of undress. Of course, we’re not complaining.

Jeff & John

jeffjohnYou’ve seen everything about Jeff Langan and John Spainhour, two of the hottest models from the Bench Body mill. Another photo of them together wouldn’t hurt, right? Not if they’re in their tighty whities, posing and preening for us all.

Best Bods

MartenzoThese are stunning images  actually of the hot young boys of Bench Body underwear. Sometimes, the underwear ads and poses of Enzo Pineda and Martin del Rosario impress me more than their, uh, body of work in showbusiness. But that’s just me, and I’m also picking Martin as my choice between the two. And then again, Enzo’s not at all bad with that yummy bulge!

Money Shot

DomThis could very well be Dominic Roque‘s most important picture, for now. At least for this site. How can you explain that adorable VPL, seemingly about to burst from the cramped confines of a tiny piece of clothing? Trolls may have a field day with this one, but more will rejoice as Dom finally unleashes his sexiest and cuter-than-cute boy-next-door good looks and charm!

Dream Bros

karl copyThe UAAP’s coming up in a few weeks and I’m going to ask you to churn up the names of varsity players on the meat market. Kidding. What I’m trying to say today is that this seemingly-innocent image of basketball player and model Karl Kramer in his social media account deserves a post all his own.

kramersDid I mention Kramer? Yes, he’s the younger brother of The Bicep Jumper a.k.a. Doug, who modeled for Bench Body in the past lifetime. Of course, we’re wishing Karl will follow the footsteps of bro in the Bench Body backlot, i.e. donning dem tiny pairs of briefs.

doug copyIn case you needed some reminder how hot Doug looked like in his drawers, here’s one image from a Bench fashion show where the basketball hunk  filled out his own underwear quite nicely, proving he is the perfect package!

How’s AVO?

AVOI’m wondering – and I’m pretty sure you are too – what Arnold van Opstal is up to these days. He’s not playing in the collegiate basketball games anymore.  I’m guessing he has lots of sexy free time at the moment. Maybe he’s traveling, in the company of kind friends and patrons. Maybe he’s living life with flavor, to quote the slogan of his last Bench Body ad. He’s sorely missed.

Let it rain!

JohnSIt’s a good rainy Sunday this side of the globe and I’m too drowsy and dopey to think about the post for this day. Except that I really wanted to put an image of Mr. Spainhour again, the one where he wears tighty whities again and shows off his bangin’ body again. A little showing of awesome skin helps a lot in this weather.

Athletic bulge

IMG_3645It looks like the trend in putting athletes (footballers and rugby players for that matter) in underwear endorsements is back! Football player Graham Caygill follows in the footsteps and bulge prints of Neil, Aly and the rest of the chunky-hunky lot called the Volcanoes and the Azkals, in modeling undergarments!

Best Luke

LukeMy favorite Luke is popular male model Luke Jickain. He’s gracing us with his extreme appeal and presence today for throwback Thursday. One of the more popular models of his time, the 36-year-old son of a (French) preacher man tried his luck in showbusiness a while back. I wonder what he is doing now?

Spicy Guevara

CarloGuevaraOnce in a while, a little tickle to the imagination does some titillating trick. Carlo Guevara, back as one of Bench Body endorsers,  is in tighty whities, outlining the precious little cuts and contours of his awesome, hard bod (and wee willy wonka).

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