And so it seems, Jake Cuenca gets relegated to the little corner, the dark background in the latest campaign [Back to School in Inexpensive Briefs Campaign] of Bench Body. He doesn’t get first lead this time as someone else already did. Now, who has a bigger bulge between Jakey and the audacious upstart?

Borgy’s Bulge

Hey look! Borgy Manotoc has a bulge and it’s showing in his latest ad campaign for Bench Body! In a magazine interview, the 29-year-old model and events host revealed that his most embarrassing moment at work was when he had to “stand around in my underwear all day.” He added, “but that happens almost every other day.” Hot enough?


And so it has come to pass. Time was when Jake Cuenca headlined every season, campaign and show for Bench Body. Of course, you know that now, it is Paulo Avelino‘s turn as he dons the tight cotton-lycra briefs of the local clothing and underwear brand. Every time. Photos above are most recent and new.


Latest pic of former ABS-CBN it boy and Bench Body exhibitionist Jake Cuenca. It has come to this, receding hairline and all. Our favorite underwear model is, uh, evolving. In his latest tweet, Jakey goes: It just came to me…an epiphany…I know what I’m gonna do in the next Bench fashion show…get ready... Now, judging from what he did in the previous shows [butt and all], I’m wondering what he’ll do next.


Which Bench Body campaign of Jon Mullally is your favorite? The reason I’m asking is because the hunky model-actor is finally hanging up his jockeys for good. Well, actually he’s leaving showbiz and the Philippines for good. Jon is going back to his native England, and as homage to this bulge-y hunk of Bench Body past, I’m posting most of his images for the underwear company. We will definitely miss you Mr. Mullally!

Now and Then

Looking at the underwear images of Alec Dungo below, I was reminded of the early days of ABS-CBN’s favorite boy Paulo Avelino. Back in GMA when he was styled horrendously [bottom images], Paulo was a cute puppy with great promise. Now, he’s one of the more in-demand actors in his new station, plus a top gig over at Bench Body as an underwear model. Recently, he covered for Garage magazine [top images]. Which Paulo look do you like better – the Garage mag one or the GMA styling?

More Dreamy Jakey

Summer is officially here and it comes earlier than usual. There was a time when one would readily know that the season’s here if all the nekkid Jake Cuenca billboards for Bench Body get erected in the major metro sites. Although he’s past his Bench Body prime, Jakey proves in the latest summer campaign that he still has the goods that once made him the underwear company’s banner boy for the hot, hot summer!

Summer Boy

Surfer boy wears skinny jeans. That’s Carlo Guevara or Carl Guevara modeling for the Bench summer campaign this year. After his transfer from rival station ABS-CBN where he was discovered via the Bench reality show, Carl is now enjoying the exposure at GMA with prominent roles in its soaps and shows.

Dreamy Jakey

While Bench Body may not be too keen on Jakey anymore, there’s no discounting the fact that the 24-year-old actor is still smokin’ hot these days! He’s still featured on the Bench Body catalog for summer 2012, with a prime time soap here and a weekly show there. Heck, he’s still in it for the long haul in the biz!


These days he’s really on top. Paulo Avelino‘s prominence in the Bench Body advertisements of late, i.e. summer campaign for 2012, is proof-positive that he has actually made it to the A-list. While he was languishing before as a supporting actor for less-talented and least handsome actors in GMA, he’s now lording it over the prime time slots of ABS-CBN as an important young actor.
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