Christmas Boy!

I know right? Three posts this week, six in the month of September. I can’t help it. Paulo Avelino‘s all around media these days. He topbilled the Cosmo magazine centerfolds list and bachelors bash just recently and then there’s a movie coming called Aswang. And now this! Christmasy Paulo in Bench Body briefs and creepy red flowers. Move over Rafa, Jon and Jakey, there’s a new Bench Body favorite!

Body of Evidence

What if you didn’t know Borgy Manotoc. You are not aware about his family. You do not know about his politics. Heck, you have no idea that he has a reputation for being, er, vicious. What if you only know him as a lean young man, basking under the sun, in his cotton Bench Body briefs? Like in the image above. Would you lust for him this time?


More like – Hot Man in Philippine-made Underwear. I wish underwear models were like this in the country. Tall, cut and bulging all over. With an insanely large penis the size of a boa! And then again, this image might never see the day in print ads and billboards with the ultraconservative thinking of some. The guy’s British model Donnie Riser, by the way.

Splendor in the Grass

Tv host and model Borgy Manotoc poses provocatively, in all his nekkid Bench Body splendor in the backyard grass. This one’s a nice pose, with his gooch nearly showing and scrotum outlined to its full form. Happy Friday everyone!

Aly Amazing

More of team captain of the Philippine Azkals football team, Aly Borromeo! The 28-year-old Filipino-American hunk is one of the newest Bench Body studs who made it to the ads and boards of the underwear company. Apparently, he’s also leading the charge in the battle with rival F&H for briefs-and-thongs model supremacy in media. Isn’t he hawt?


But this one’s a bigger image, sans the erased bulge in the previous EDSA version. Paulo Avelino is in the news lately. Just when we thought he’s the next big thing over at GMA, he jumps ship to rival ABS-CBN to start a prime time soap. Is he the next Jake Cuenca in the Kapuso station? Does a transfer to ABS-CBN guarantee stardom and career highs in terms of sensible projects and mass appeal?

More Aly

In a dreamy haze, real man and Philippine Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo leads Bench Body’s rush into the underwear wars. The 190-lb hunk is coming out soon with his series of briefs-and-shorts shots for the local brand, in response to F&H’s charge of the bulge brigade courtesy of fellow Azkals, Neil Etheridge. Happy Thursday everyone!

Bring It On!

Team captain Aly Borromeo of the Philippine Azkals gets ready for the underwear print ads war looming in the Metro horizon. Now that the sexy billboards have been taken down [and banned for now], the boys-in-briefs ads are taking their wares into print and electronic media. Bench Body is, of course, not taking the Neil Etheridge salvo for F&H sitting down. Here’s the 28-year-old, 6’1″-tall hunk as a front liner for the underwear company.


After the Neil Etheridge onslaught for rival Folded and Hung, expect Bench Body to do the counter-strike. This August, the PRFU Philippine Volcanoes – e.g. Jake Letts [left] and Ned Stephenson, will be back for the underwear company’s newest campaign. The male underwear ad wars is getting to be one exciting, uh, ball game!

Team Captain

Team captain didn’t get to play in the first leg of the FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Kuwait and the Azkals lost to Al-Azraq, big time. Skipper Aly Borromeo meantime poses for Bench Body again to get renewed support for his team in its second-leg match against the mighty Kuwait group on home turf. Will the Azkals buck the odds? Will Aly finally wear thongs? Find out on game day on 28 July [Thursday] at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium!
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