PRFU 7: Randy Arnold

Those asking about the bald guy with the big butt in that now-famous Bench Body board in EDSA-Guadalupe Bridge, here he is – Arnold Aninion. This hunky member of the Philippine Volcanoes lists himself as a Manila-based Filipino-New Zealander entrepreneur.

PRFU 6: Big Boy Kit

If you like big handsome boys, here’s Francisco “Kit” Guerra of the PRFU Volcanoes. The 23-year-old hunk is Filipino-Australian, and he’s a construction manager back home. Kit plays flanker for the national team.

PRFU 5: Hunky Chris

Chris Everingham is a 26-year-old personal trainer, “accredited practicing dietitian, accredited nutritionist” from Sydney, Australia. Apparently, he’s also half-Filipino and he’s in the PRFU team. According to his social networking site “[h]e currently resides in Sydney, running his Lifted Health Business in the North Shore and frequently travels to the Philippines for leisure, family and Rugby.”

PRFU 4: Gorgeous Ken

And another one! Filipino-American Kenneth Stern was a member of the Boston University Rugby Club and a host of others in the United States [New England Rugby Union All-Stars, the Northeast Collegiate All-Stars, the All-American 7s Team and the Boston Men’s Rugby Club], before he came over to play for the PRFU. Ken – who is only 22 years old, stands 5’10” tall and plays centre for the team.

PRFU 3: Sexy Oliver

Twenty-five-year-old Oliver Saunders is a Filipino-Australian member of the Philippine Volcanoes. He plays along with his younger brothers – hotties, too – Matt and Benjamin. If you ask me about this sudden surge of info [and images] about the Volcanoes, it is because these boys are champions and they remain unappreciated in the Philippines. Here’s a link to their story, their valiant efforts in the international rugby scene. And besides, with Bench Body featuring them in tight underwear, I bet these boys will now be recognized. Big time!

PRFU 2: Naughty Jake

Here’s another one for Bench Body underwear: Jake Letts of the PRFU a.k.a. The Philippine Volcanoes! This 23-year-old Filipino-Australian cutie is listed as the “current PRFU International & PRFU U19 Captain of the Undefeated 2006 ARFU Div 2 U19 squad in Taiwan, Warringah RUFC – Scrum Half.” He has a brother – Michael on the team. According to reports, “the Lettses are one of four sets of brothers on the team. Their mother was born and raised in Bicol; Michael and Jake were born and raised in Sydney, where they still live. and where they play semi-professionally for the Warringah rugby club. Off the pitch Michael is a mortgage broker and Jake is taking his masters in sports management.”

PRFU 1: Dreamy Ned

I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one and the next few ones coming! Bench Body underwear is featuring this season the Philippine Rugby Football Union [PRFU] team members. In tight briefs! I know, right? Big, burly boys in their underwear. Let’s start with Ned Rush Stephenson, Filipino-Australian, 411 not yet fully updated. Dreamy!


Speaking of Paulo Avelino, it looks like his rise in the sexy-meter is going up and fast these days. At the recent Bench show during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 collection, he went on stage in boxer briefs, a vast improvement from his previous shirtless-in-jeans appearances for the brand. Here’s hoping he’ll do a Jake Cuenca pretty soon.

Go Gui!

Enough about the bickering. It’s just a show! Heck, watch the rival prime time soap. Put on a DVD. Or get a life outside the house. In the meantime, here’s another Brazilian model in our midst. He’s hard and tough for Bench Body underwear and his name is Gui Adorno. This 6’1″-tall hunk is also an acoustic singer, who performs in shows around town.

Ding Dong!

GMA-7’s prized leading man Dingdong Dantes is looking rough and rugged these days. Thanks to his prime time comedy series I U Pare, [a Connie and Carla rip-off], he had to don a moustache and faux five o’clock shadow. Now, if only he’d do those cotton briefs again for Bench Body, similar to what he did a few years back when he was launched as one of the new endorsers of the clothing company.
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