PRFU 1: Dreamy Ned

I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one and the next few ones coming! Bench Body underwear is featuring this season the Philippine Rugby Football Union [PRFU] team members. In tight briefs! I know, right? Big, burly boys in their underwear. Let’s start with Ned Rush Stephenson, Filipino-Australian, 411 not yet fully updated. Dreamy!


Speaking of Paulo Avelino, it looks like his rise in the sexy-meter is going up and fast these days. At the recent Bench show during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 collection, he went on stage in boxer briefs, a vast improvement from his previous shirtless-in-jeans appearances for the brand. Here’s hoping he’ll do a Jake Cuenca pretty soon.

Go Gui!

Enough about the bickering. It’s just a show! Heck, watch the rival prime time soap. Put on a DVD. Or get a life outside the house. In the meantime, here’s another Brazilian model in our midst. He’s hard and tough for Bench Body underwear and his name is Gui Adorno. This 6’1″-tall hunk is also an acoustic singer, who performs in shows around town.

Ding Dong!

GMA-7’s prized leading man Dingdong Dantes is looking rough and rugged these days. Thanks to his prime time comedy series I U Pare, [a Connie and Carla rip-off], he had to don a moustache and faux five o’clock shadow. Now, if only he’d do those cotton briefs again for Bench Body, similar to what he did a few years back when he was launched as one of the new endorsers of the clothing company.

Through The Years

Bench Body models Rafael Rosell and Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila have stayed on with the underwear company through the years. Despite the onslaught of new models and upstarts who can outstrip both hunks at the flick of the owner’s fingers and the drop of a precious peso, Jon and Rafael have managed to keep their cotton-lycra briefs on. Until when will they be underwear models?

More Paulo!

Another image of the guy’s wet, wet photo shoot for Bench Body. And Paulo Avelino is really wearing loose briefs. It doesn’t matter really because he’s hot and everyone’s taking notice of this young hunk these days. Now that he’s up for some major movie breaks, will he be wearing those airy skivvies on the big screen, too?

Beginning The World

Really. Patience is a virtue. Meet Paulo Avelino. Newest Bench Body model. Regal Films signed him up fast too, as he’s one of the newest leading men of the film outfit. Paulo‘s set to star in the retelling of the classic and campiest Filipino movie of all time, Temptation Island. It looks like his star is burning brighter now.

Top Boys

There was a time when the Bench billboard prime spot at the EDSA Guadalupe Bridge was allocated just for Piolo Pascual or Dingdong Dantes. Every time Bench comes out with its campaign – most anticipated of which is the summer series where the boys get to wear skimpy briefs – Piolo or Dingdong dominate that huge board by the river.

This summer, it’s Aljur Abrenica in that big spot. Shirtless and in jeans, the young hunk is basking in Bench glory as he dominates the EDSA Guadalupe skyline – a jumbo-mondo traffic hazard, if you ask me.

Borgy Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry! Here are exclusive images of Borgy Manotoc as one of the underwear models of Bench Body. The 27-year-old model used to wear the Bench briefs [pre-Jakey and –Rafael and the thong throng] before he changed his undergarments allegiances. Now, he’s back – wearing the size-under briefs and shorts for the clothing company. Delish enough?

Riding in Tandem

Two cute boys riding a scooter, sharing an Aviator. Bench Body newbies Jome Silayan [back] and Paulo Avelino heat it up as they shift and move up through the gears in their respective careers. Jome’s cast as one of the leading men in a GMA-7 prime time series while Paulo’s the male star of the production in an afternoon soap.
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