PRFU 6: Big Boy Kit

If you like big handsome boys, here’s Francisco “Kit” Guerra of the PRFU Volcanoes. The 23-year-old hunk is Filipino-Australian, and he’s a construction manager back home. Kit plays flanker for the national team.

PRFU 5: Hunky Chris

Chris Everingham is a 26-year-old personal trainer, “accredited practicing dietitian, accredited nutritionist” from Sydney, Australia. Apparently, he’s also half-Filipino and he’s in the PRFU team. According to his social networking site “[h]e currently resides in Sydney, running his Lifted Health Business in the North Shore and frequently travels to the Philippines for leisure, family and Rugby.”

PRFU 4: Gorgeous Ken

And another one! Filipino-American Kenneth Stern was a member of the Boston University Rugby Club and a host of others in the United States [New England Rugby Union All-Stars, the Northeast Collegiate All-Stars, the All-American 7s Team and the Boston Men’s Rugby Club], before he came over to play for the PRFU. Ken – who is only 22 years old, stands 5’10” tall and plays centre for the team.

PRFU 3: Sexy Oliver

Twenty-five-year-old Oliver Saunders is a Filipino-Australian member of the Philippine Volcanoes. He plays along with his younger brothers – hotties, too – Matt and Benjamin. If you ask me about this sudden surge of info [and images] about the Volcanoes, it is because these boys are champions and they remain unappreciated in the Philippines. Here’s a link to their story, their valiant efforts in the international rugby scene. And besides, with Bench Body featuring them in tight underwear, I bet these boys will now be recognized. Big time!

PRFU 2: Naughty Jake

Here’s another one for Bench Body underwear: Jake Letts of the PRFU a.k.a. The Philippine Volcanoes! This 23-year-old Filipino-Australian cutie is listed as the “current PRFU International & PRFU U19 Captain of the Undefeated 2006 ARFU Div 2 U19 squad in Taiwan, Warringah RUFC – Scrum Half.” He has a brother – Michael on the team. According to reports, “the Lettses are one of four sets of brothers on the team. Their mother was born and raised in Bicol; Michael and Jake were born and raised in Sydney, where they still live. and where they play semi-professionally for the Warringah rugby club. Off the pitch Michael is a mortgage broker and Jake is taking his masters in sports management.”

PRFU 1: Dreamy Ned

I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one and the next few ones coming! Bench Body underwear is featuring this season the Philippine Rugby Football Union [PRFU] team members. In tight briefs! I know, right? Big, burly boys in their underwear. Let’s start with Ned Rush Stephenson, Filipino-Australian, 411 not yet fully updated. Dreamy!


Speaking of Paulo Avelino, it looks like his rise in the sexy-meter is going up and fast these days. At the recent Bench show during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 collection, he went on stage in boxer briefs, a vast improvement from his previous shirtless-in-jeans appearances for the brand. Here’s hoping he’ll do a Jake Cuenca pretty soon.

Go Gui!

Enough about the bickering. It’s just a show! Heck, watch the rival prime time soap. Put on a DVD. Or get a life outside the house. In the meantime, here’s another Brazilian model in our midst. He’s hard and tough for Bench Body underwear and his name is Gui Adorno. This 6’1″-tall hunk is also an acoustic singer, who performs in shows around town.

Ding Dong!

GMA-7’s prized leading man Dingdong Dantes is looking rough and rugged these days. Thanks to his prime time comedy series I U Pare, [a Connie and Carla rip-off], he had to don a moustache and faux five o’clock shadow. Now, if only he’d do those cotton briefs again for Bench Body, similar to what he did a few years back when he was launched as one of the new endorsers of the clothing company.

Through The Years

Bench Body models Rafael Rosell and Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila have stayed on with the underwear company through the years. Despite the onslaught of new models and upstarts who can outstrip both hunks at the flick of the owner’s fingers and the drop of a precious peso, Jon and Rafael have managed to keep their cotton-lycra briefs on. Until when will they be underwear models?
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