Geron and JR at Bench show

Yesterday, cute guys Geron Lontoc [left] and JR Tirona, castoffs at the recent Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009, walked the runway for rival Bench Body underwear’s Philippine Fashion Week collection at the SMX Convention Hall of the Mall of Asia. The guys were hot and come-hither in their colored briefs.  Although they were unjustly deprived of the major titles at the Mossimo competition, Geron and JR are undaunted as they pursue their modeling careers.  

Dingdong inspires Will

Daring actor and singer Will Sandejas [right] is channeling his inner Dingdong Dantes in this Bench Body look, complete with the, uh, aluminum foil.  Speaking of Bench, the local underwear brand and clothing company will be holding its fashion show later at the Mall of Asia as part of the Philippine Fashion Week: Holiday Collection 2009. Dingdong might be there, along with the usual celebs who do the runway for Bench. I’m not so sure with Will though, as he might be off somewhere in Isabela or Bicol for a bikini [and briefs] contest.

Jon Hall Becoming

One of the first and original models of Bench underwear [back when the Bench Body line was still in the drawing boards] is sexy Filipino-British model Jon Hall. Despite the onrush of younger models for the local underwear brand, Mr. Hall still models for Bench as he still has what it takes to slip on size-under briefs and look great. During the daytime, Jon Hall teaches English in a language training school in Makati for BPOs and contact centers.

Bench Summer

The summer’s nearly over, and Bench  – that ubiquitous local brand promoting fancy underthings for guys [and gals] via large billboards and print ads of half-naked actors and models, seems to have slowed down in putting up the steamy images. Unlike in the past few years when Bench had been very brash and bold in its ads, there is a dearth of sexy and erotic pictures of the actors this season. Just the same, Dingdong Dantes [lower photo] drops his trousers, along with Rafael Rosell [top, left] and Jon Mullally for some good, good Bench summer lovin’! You’ll see these images in the Bench Body stores.

Dingdong Distracting. Again.

Here’s another road hazard – the image of actor Dingdong Dantes in Icarus mode for Bench Body underwear. This one’s along the Pasig River banks right next to the Guadalupe Bridge in Makati City. There was a lot of excitement when this board was launched in the last days of March, ushering in the summer season. It seems that Mr. Dantes is now the favorite Bench Body model. Maybe next year, pre-summer, he’ll be more daring in thongs and strings?

Zanjoe is Wet

Model-comedian Zanjoe Marudo reminds us that summer’s last few days are here as the rains are coming. Nevertheless, here’s one steamy shot of the 26-year-old gangly actor and erstwhile male model, who is getting top billing status in the new ABS-CBN soaps Lovers in Paris and The Wedding.  Which means, he’ll just have to leave comedian status for a while and get serious [and sexy] in his new roles on tv.  

Rafael Revealing

Of course, we are all used to a nekkid Rafael Rosell in this site. The 26-year-old actor has been seen in various stages of undress, and the only thing he has not shown in this site is his penis. We would love a little mystery, natch! Like how he teases us in the photos above – with all the bows and bends, crooks and curves hidden by the gauzy-gossamer Bench briefs. Rafael is such a dear boy, isn’t he?

Another Question

This is a purely hypothetical question, something sort of the what-if variety:  Would you pay Php 140,000.00 [roughly US$ 2,800.00 or SA Riyal 10,800.00] to engage the services of underwear model and actor Jonathan Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila ?  Services means he’ll take off his pants and [Bench Body] briefs and lie in bed while you provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation.  All for Php 140 grand, max! Would you? Just asking….

Rafael Rosell wants to soar

Because he is nice and sexy and handsome, my Christmas wish for Bench underwear model, boyband dancer-teaser and occasional award-winning actor Rafael Rosell is more success in his career. Which means he should be in leading-man status by next year and less appearances with that group that sings and struts shirtless. I’m pretty sure RafaelRosell, who has the talent, charm and the pleasant appearance [plus he can drop his pants and underpants in a snap], can wing it!

Bench Chinese

Someone sent this photo to my mail and funny, because I was wondering -at first, how Bench Body underwear actually scored a show somewhere in Tomas Pinpin, Juan Luna or Ongpin in broad daylight! And then again, I just realized that this photo of hot male mod  Ram Sagad was taken in China during a road show for Bench. In front of a lunch time crowd composed of wildly appreciative Bench fanatics, natch!
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