In Town

Brazilian model Fernando Skinner is in town and he’s bulging through the sexy scene! He was here a few years ago, barely out of his teens. These days, he has a powerful muscled body, we can’t wait for his underwear endorsements. Or racy photo shoots.

Benjamin’s Thang. Again.

Now that Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka is back in town to rouse and revitalize Folded & Hung‘s underwear line, rival Bench Body‘s best bet to counter the nipo-brasileiro‘s briefskrieg is Benjamin Tang. The 23-year-old Eurasian [a potent mix of German, Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese blood] looks mighty fine for an undergarments model. Proof positive is the image above, taken back stage at the Bench Uncut show, where Mighty Benjamin proved too big for his britches.

Kick Buttowski

And there he goes again! Thirty-one-year-old actor Wendell Ramos first floored [and scandalized] the Araneta Coliseum audience at the Bench Fever show in 2006 when he appeared on stage with a clenched butt [left photo]. At the Bench Blackout fleshfest in 2008, he played coy and just wore tiny briefs sans rump exposure. Recently, at the Bench Uncut extravaganza, he wore a strand of underwear again, revealing a plump posterior. Of course, he got the most bluster and boom from the crowd that night.

Do Up

So you see, it’s not patchy and speckled after all. Jake Cuenca‘s buttocks. He was the finale in this underwear show a couple of days ago and he had to do something to generate the hoots and the howls in the coliseum. Of course, he dropped his pants down, revealing his rump. Two years ago he did just that, but forgot to cover up some things. This time, things looked clearer.


He was here a couple of days ago as he walked the runway at the Araneta Coliseum for an underwear show. Six-feet-tall Ji Buan Ho is a popular Chinese model and he’s gone skimpy-and-tight-briefs-exclusive for local brand Bench Body. In fact, he’s the main man for Bench in China with his sexy billboards and advertisements everywhere.

Down and Dirrty

Hey look it’s Rocco Nacino on the ground, shirtless in Bench jeans and briefs! The 23-year-old GMA-7 talent is also appearing in tonight’s Bench Uncut show. He says he’s doubly excited about wearing the new line of jeans of the local clothing brand. It means he’ll just go shirtless. Maybe he’s just calibrating this time. Two years from now, Rocco might just go all out in tiny undies in the Bench show.

Show Off

So the biggest underwear show in Cubao is on tonight! Bench Uncut is definitely unfolding later and the celebs modeling those chintzy briefs are all up to something to get noticed. Many are wondering, too, what exhibitionist Jake Cuenca will do this time. We’ve seen his patchy buttocks a couple of years ago. What will he pull off, uh, pull down…pull out this time?


Speaking of Bench Uncut, will singer-actor Christian Bautista also make a big reveal on the night of the show? Will he wear briefs and show off his abs and bulge and spindly legs? The 28-year-old pop singer has bulked up in recent months and he’s not actually coy about it. His shirtless pics are all over the net and people expect him to expose more in the coming underwear show.


He was asked about his role in the Bench Uncut show and Aljur‘s asking why we want to see him in briefs. Well, it’s like electricity maybe – we can’t really explain it; we haven’t got the words; it’s a feeling we can’t control. And then again maybe he’s the only main man left in Bench – along with Gerald [and we’ve lost huge interest in that other endorser, the older gay guy] – who has not worn the cotton-lycra briefs of the underwear company. We’d love to see Aljur wear the briefs on stage in the coming show. So, please Bench people, bring him on!

Top Draw

How about erstwhile model, tv clown and occasional actor Zanjoe Marudo as Bench Uncut poster boy? Does he stimulate you enough, shirtless in 800-peso jeans? Will he wear small briefs on the night of the underwear show? People are guesstimating that this Bench biennial show could very well be the most boring yet as there’s no top draw to look forward to. Remember they had Dingdong a couple of years ago? Now, Jake in briefs would be so blah, as he’s always in size-under skivvies every time. My best bets would be Aljur in tiny jockeys, or even this guy with his rumored boyfriend, a fellow endorser, on stage together in the finale. How’s that?
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