The buzz is that these two boys are doing it! Tongues are wagging in showbiz circles about Mark Bautista and Benjamin Alves, an unlikely pair. But this is crazy showbiz, and anything goes. Benjamin is reeling off from a sudden breakup with a girlfriend of two years. Mark’s under the radar, doing shows here and there. The world is made for love, and if these boys are really hitting it off well, then we are happy.

Workout Boys!

Snap out of the weekend deadness and get your lazy ass back on track. Get motivated to have a nice body and healthy lifestyle. Speaking of motivated, here are some boys who regularly go to the gym for that bangin’ bod-


Erstwhile teenybopper Diego Loyzaga gets pumped (in a good way).


Benjamin Alves proves he’s no sissyboy as he does the battle ropes!


Carlos Agassi does what he does best. In his Guitar underwear!


Miko Pasamonte works out in his undies, too. (Let’s play a game of spot the photoshopped/distorted areas in this picture.)

Private Benjamin

benx1Sometimes, Piolo‘s cheerless nephew  Benjamin Alves has his charms. Who wouldn’t love to see him shirtless (and in undergarments)? Oftentimes, he shows off his pits. Like this one, complete with tiny bits of underarm anti-sweat and anti-odor product.

benx2Occasionally, the orgasm face.

benx3 benx4Most of the time, he’s cutesy with a bit of sexy.  So who doesn’t love Benjamin?


The Vinces

Vince1Monday’s feature is all about this unrelated duo of boys, except for the fact they share(d) a common name. Model Vince Canizares once dominated the runways of Manila. That was a decade ago, and he’s still at it.  It meaning modeling, although now, he’s too inked, dividing his hordes of fans whether they still like him or not. I still like him, if you ask me.

Vince2Benjamin Sapida used to be called Vince Saldaña when he was just starting out in a reality show for cute boys. Today, he’s known as Benjamin Alves and his body of work consists of movies, afternoon soaps on tv, and walking and posing in his Bench Body underwear a couple of years back. Some body of work, actually.

Benjamin’s privates

BenjaminIt has been quite a while since Piolo‘s dear nephew Benjamin Alves agreeably entertained us with his nakedness. Remember his peak at the Bench Body shows and ads? Benjamin’s still in proper form, though he rarely shows us the stuff he’s largely and amply made of. As I have said before, I’m digging his plump buttocks and sturdy legs. He should be nekkid all the time!

Centerfolds 2014

A bit blah but we all expected it, right? The annual list of the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s top ten centerfolds is out in all their Lightroom glory!  Don’t ask me how the magazine’s editors picked this motley group this year. Some are hot, though. The most revealing shot is that of –


followed by Piolo‘s joyless nephew,


The rest, you decide:










Boys with Sunnies

The look of summer for boys would have to be this. Shirtless in brightly colored shorts. With sunnies. Plus the mandatory accessory: abs and more abs.  Like these boys, all tanned and ready for the sun and sea. From left: Benjamin Alves, Hideo Muraoka, JC Tiuseco and Brent Javier. And the eternal question: Who’s your boy?