Benjamin’s Thang. Again.

Now that Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka is back in town to rouse and revitalize Folded & Hung‘s underwear line, rival Bench Body‘s best bet to counter the nipo-brasileiro‘s briefskrieg is Benjamin Tang. The 23-year-old Eurasian [a potent mix of German, Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese blood] looks mighty fine for an undergarments model. Proof positive is the image above, taken back stage at the Bench Uncut show, where Mighty Benjamin proved too big for his britches.


Since most of the prominent fly-in models [the nipo-brasileiros, more specifically] have already been signed up by rival clothing brands, Bench is primping Eurasian model Benjamin Tang as its lead foreign model in the underwear department. This 23-year-old hunk claims to have a mix of German, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese blood. He has appeared in most of the Bench shows of late and will soon blaze through the runways in his skivvies at the Araneta Coliseum in July for the Bench Uncut show.


Handsome Monday boy is Benjamin Tang, who’s a favorite fly-in model of Bench these days. In fact, he even had an underwear billboard along EDSA a few months ago. This 23-year-old hunk claims to have a racial mix of German, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese. Pretty potent commixture, if you ask me, but the results are clear: he has this very distinct Eurasian look. Of course, his hotness level is way up there with that finely-chiseled bod.

Benjamin’s Thang

There’s this Bench Body billboard along the Kalayaan flyover in Makati City featuring a cute guy, quite new and unfamiliar to most. His name is Benjamin Tang, a German-Vietnamese model trying his luck here. This 22-year-old cutie is best remembered for playing the devil in the Coke Angel tvc shown recently. Prior to Bench, he did the commercials for Medicol, Globe Superduo and C2 Sulitro. He is hot, isn’t he?