Ryan The Robot

How about Ryan Janus Tomas, currently in the Big Brother House for some reality fun and action? Called as Ryan the Robot for his expertise in popping and locking, the 19-year-old Colorado native is a dancer and martial arts expert. Sexy!

Wet Boy

Twinkie Friday! Eighteen-year-old James Reid – the Big Brother [Teen Edition] winner in 2010 – may not be as popular as the bigger teen actors in ABS-CBN but he’s slowly making a name for himself in show business. The Filipino-Australian cutie, who is a gymnast and a swimmer in the real world, is patiently waiting in the wings, as he takes on supporting bits for the stations shows.

Try Out

One of the guys in the latest Philippine edition of Big Brother with a definite plan to enter show business is 24-year-old Jerico Redrico. He got himself a manager and immediately entered the reality show for that extra exposure. The 5’8″-tall native of Pampanga was also in the list of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 2011 hot and new bachelors, under the style and name of Sean David.


Is it just me watching Big Brother on ABS-CBN? One of the remaining eye candies left on the reality show is bikini contest veteran and model wannabe Mark Luz. The 22-year-old cutie is in danger of being evicted and we’re left with the uglies soon. How about making him stay in the house longer, pretty please? Photo was taken during his Mossimo Bikini Summit event last summer, when Uncle Fester won the title.

Pretty Boys

Cute boy and lead-actor-in-waiting Gerald Anderson [in white] is flanked by half-naked guys from the recently-concluded Big Brother show over at ABS-CBN for a promo shot of a show entitled Your Song Presents ..Isla. The guys are, from left: Paul Jake Castillo, Tom Mott, Hermes Bautista and Johan Santos. I don’t know about you, but I’m watching the show because of those Paul Jake and Johan guys. Don’t you think they are hawt?

Teen no more

Erstwhile Big Brother – Teen Edition contestant Joaqui Mendoza is all set to bare some skin. The 20-year-old student of Communication Arts at the Ateneo de Manila University is showing some promise as a cute and sexy hunk.  He has a black belt in taekwondo, so that could explain his lean and toned bod.  When there’s no school, Joaqui Mendoza appears in ABS-CBN soaps and shows.

Will Devaughn, Big Brother winner

Tonight will be the grand night of the Big Brother: Celebrity 2 edition, where William Devaughn Stumpf, better known as Will Devaughn is one of the Big Four finalists. The 25-year-old multi-racial [German, Filipino, African-American] male model is the only good-looking guy left in the Big Brother house, and, he’s got the queer and girl votes. Will is supporting the Brave Kids Foundation [a charity for kids with cancer], which stands to benefit from the big payout in case he wins tonight’s grand reveal.

Jon Mullally above water

Big Brother House resident Jon Mullaly revealed recently that he had an uncomfortable sense of belonging in England where he grew up. Emotionless, he was caught on cam revealing to a fellow resident that he did not feel welcome in England during his growing up years, that he always considered himself an outsider there, and that he wished he grew up here in the Philippines. Jon is finally loosening up inside the famous house. Maybe a little prodding from the other residents could push him to divulge more about his background, which – for now- has remained a mystery.

Victor Basa looked a lot better …..

…… when he was younger, as seen in the photos above. He had those full lips and not-so-emaciated bod. Now, he looks a bit thin and tired, with those lips getting crookeder and crookeder. On a recent vacation, with nothing else to do but to watch tv and eat, I got to see him on the 24-hour feed of Big Brother. Victor is like a lost pup in the Big Brother show. Utterly reserved with an excruciatingly sad air, Victor tries to fit in the motley group inside the house. Yet, he chose to be there – so let’s see how far he goes…

Jon and Victor

Now that model Jon Mullally has entered the Big Brother house, will model-actor Victor Basa keep a special eye on the hunky housemate? The Big Brother house looks boring with the cast of bland models now, but people are hoping Victor Basa does a grand reveal to a ditzy buxom woman in the garden. Or maybe Jon Mullally opens up in the confession room about his friendship with singer-boyband member Lance Onate, back when Jon was still living in Isabelle Condo in Makati. The drama is about to start.
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