Before the Brazilians and the fly-in models lorded it over the local runways, the male models that we had were these ones. The kind you would sometimes see in the inner city street corners, drinking high-proof distilled spirits with their shirts off. Well, they have nice bods and cute faces, too. From left: Jovic Susim, Bjorn Aguilar, Laxie Villar, Don Mendoza, Kerbie Zamora and Lem Pelayo

May Day!

On the occasion of May Day festival [or Labor Day in the country], I bring you not one, or two but ten freakin’, sexy, shirtless boys m-e-s-s-i-n-g by the pool! Let’s see… from left, we have Ben Sapida [a.k.a. Benjamin Alves], Kerbie Zamora, Bjorn Aguilar, Ervic Vijandre, Lemuelle Pelayo, Jovic Susim, Geron Lontoc, Benj Bolivar, Alizon Andres and JC Tiuseco. Who’s your best bet?


The cute Mossimo underwear models are JR Tirona [left] and Bjorn Aguilar. Twenty-two-year-old JR was one of the finalists in last year’s Mossimo Bikini Summit. Unfortunately, the 5’11”-tall model from Quezon City failed to win the top prize. However, his stint in said contest paved the way for more projects in the fashion runways and shoots in the metro. On the other hand, 25-year-old Bjorn competed in the Body Shots Model Search held a couple of years ago. He nearly made it and he surely got noticed as he was cast in major shows for top designers and fashion editorials. The 5’10”-tall hunk from Manila was also in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] bachelors list two years ago.