Duty Calls

Neil Perez is a favorite lately because, well, he’s an underwear endorser who churns out the sexy photos very often. This sexy chunk of a man is juggling cop duties and primping for the cameras. Hot police with the hot rod!

Mature Vin

Come to think of it, Vin Abrenica is really oozing with sex appeal these days. He may not be as handsome as older brother Aljur, but when he gets (half) nekkid, he works the camera to his advantage. Of course, we want him unclothed all the time.

Rajah Koi Is Raw

I Wish Raja Okra


Dandan Delight

There’s renewed interest in hottie Daniel Matsunaga in briefs. I don’t know why, because he’s been doing this briefs-and-airbrushed-bulge thing for years already. And then again, we’re not complaining. He’s a brown god, ready to be worshiped anytime!


Our Man Crush Monday is Joaquin Manansala. Because we’re dreaming of summer, where boys roam the shore and sands in their sweaty states of undress. Because we’re wholesome today, with no dicks in sight. Because sometimes, the imagination should run free, undressing our boy bit by bit. Have a nice Monday everyone!

Rocco Porn

The internet is littered with Rocco Nacino‘s bubbly bum, and maybe those images increased his stock a wee bit. Although he may not be that popular now, he surely shocked dem sleazitens with his derring-do. Maybe that derrière deserves to be aired in public again. Why not?

Mad Bang Gyrations

Bandying at orgasm


On a Monday, the shirtless likes of Gerald, Matteo and Paulo make their timely appearance for Century Tuna. While I may never understand the relation between tuna and half-naked men, the warm bodies of these actors on display are greatly appreciated. Who looks better now?


Continuing our now-and-then series, perhaps you were too young to remember Paulo Jimenez. In the late 90s and early aughts, he was the token twunk, present in nearly all soft porn films of that era. That cute face landed him some projects until he disappeared from sight. Until recently.

Then, Now

We’re feeling a bit nostalgic with the beautiful faces (and amazing bodies) who flew in to this side of the pond a few years back. The First Brazilian, Akihiro Sato looked like he was headed to ultimate super-tv-stardom until he finally headed home. He’s now happily married in Brazil, with a kid, but he’s still looking fab as ever!

Very tall model Vince Ferraren was the toast of Bench when he snagged every major deal and show in the underwear empire’s backlot. He disappeared , too, for a while, going back to his native Australia to work. He’s back in town, hotter (and maybe taller?) than ever.

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