VPL Monday

Surprisingly, the bikini-open subculture is alive and kicking! The competitions, featuring scantily-clad men in penis-hugging underwear and held in small bars and venues, have a loyal following. Proof positive would be the select few familiar faces in the audience and the sponsors in these contests. What happens after the competitions, of course, is best kept within speculation and wild imaginings. Image: Rommel Torres.

Booking Tonight!

Don’t forget the premiere showing of Booking tonight at the UP Film Institute! Marco Morales promises to deliver the goods again this time plus the much-vaunted dick peeks. Of course, hunky Emilio Garcia [right] won’t probably do the all-out nudity thing as he’s way past that, but newcomer Charles Delgado will stun the audience with his rather stiff performance in some scenes. See you all there! And oh, you can ask the good director tonight about one of the actor’s proof of age, should you have any doubts.

Five Times

So that you won’t forget, here’s another photo of Marco Morales, who is the lead actor in the new indie movie entitled Booking, slated for a premiere showing on 24 February 2009 at the UP Film Institute. It’s a gay movie, and apparently, Marco will have five cocky scenes. That’s something to look forward to. And then again, there’s the real story of Booking, which is a re-telling of the classic Nora Aunor flick, Bona. Marco will play the D-list actor and veteran actor and hunk Emilio Garcia as the obsessed fan.

Charles Delgado is of age

Charles Delgado gets an introducing role in the new Marco Morales movie Booking. He plays a 16-year-old prostitute in the indie flick. Although he looks schoolboyish, small and slender, he is already 19 years old. Catch the scenes of this newcomer in Booking, which is set for showing at the UP Film Institute on 24 February 2009 [not 23 February, as previously posted]. The commercial run will start on 4 March 2009. Of course, there’s the obligatory frontal nudity scenes of the main man plus the support cast.


Dubbed as the gay Bona, the new Marco Morales-starrer Booking will be shown on 23 February 2009 at the UP Film Institute and starting 4 March 2009 for its commercial run. It’s definitely something to look forward to because of Marco and sexy award-winning actor Emilio Garcia [the bad cop in Walang Kawala]. FYI: Bona was the 1980 movie of Nora Aunor and Philip Salvador under the direction of the late Lino Brocka. It is the story of an obsessed fan willing to sacrifice everything for her greatest crush – a D-list movie bit player. Emilio Garcia plays the infatuated and ignoble fan to Marco Morales’s bummed out character.