Glammed Up Boys

One of the few guys worth my while to watch in the Hashtags group of boys is dancer Zeus Collins. He’s a favorite in this site, and while some of you may find him “old” and “mature” for your picky sensibilities, Zeus will forever be the hunky pop-and-locker in his crazy-testosterone prime!

And in stark contrast, here’s Luke Conde. Love him or hate him, he’s staying in showbiz. He’s trying his darnedest to fit in, and so far he’s surviving the glitzy world he’s in.  The cutesy looks, of course, help a lot, thanks to that life-changing transformation a few years back.

Boy band

GoldAquinoI can’t really comprehend why there is a dearth of local boy bands lately. There is quite a number of exceptional singers and dancers out there, in addition to the fact that it’s not slim pickings for cute boys, too. Perhaps 1:43 is one of the more popular of the few-and-far-between boy bands on these shores. Two of the guys are featured here: Gold Aquino (top) and Yheen Valero.

YheenvaleroGold stands 5’8″ and is a student of Business Administration at the CEU, while Yheen is 5’11” and is taking up HotelRM-something somewhere in Bulacan.  Now, these boys can sing and dance well.  If you combine skin and skills that well, I’m on board their fan club. Are you?