Béton Brut: Labor Day Special

[l-r: Lester Quijano, Arnel Valencia, Anton Reyes,
Anthony Torres,Horace Rivera and Christian Medina]

Béton Brut literally means “concrete in the raw’, that is, concrete left in its natural state when the formwork is removed [The term gave the name Brutalism to the style of modern architecture in which exposed concrete is exploited as a feature]. It’s an architectural term that first came to mind when I saw these sweaty muscular young men in a construction area. Probably it was a stylist’s [and photog’s] fantasy to feature young men in scenes of figuration and erection, with all the contours, cuts and casts. Lovely, indeed.

Jailbait: Gelo

Gelo is another one of those nameless boys featured in gay rags out there. What struck me most about this 18-year old boy is the promise of youth vigorously thriving, which somehow awakens our fascination with the beauty of that awkward age. This boy makes one fine Sunday gazing – sunshiney, fresh and sweet. Oh, such jailbait.

Man-Boy: Reynald Llanes

When I posted photos of Reynald Llanes in a free gallery site a couple of months back, many were asking about the 411 on this guy. Reynald Llanes is 22, 5’9″ tall and a student of Nursing at the South East Asian Colleges. He does modeling part-time and has appeared in Fila fashion show, Street Bodies 2006, Bikini Watch, Campus Face 2006, and Makati Shangrila formal designers fashion show. According to the interview he did for Male Revue Magazine, he swears he will never “bare in a movie.” Guys, he said movies. Movies not magazines. And heck, there’s a lot of difference in there.

WITWI Leonardo Litton

Where in the world is Leonardo Litton [real name: Joel Francis Villar]? Leonardo Litton was one of the better-looking strip-for-pay actors [along with Rodel Velayo] in the era of the sexy flicks in Philippine cinema. He was discovered at the 1998 male pageant Ginoong Pilipinas, which was eventually won by his arch-rival then, Harold Pineda [Harold represented Nueva Ecija province, while Leonardo carried nearby Cabanatuan City]. After being signed by Seiko Films, he was in almost every movie churned out by the company. His most memorable films were Talong or Eggplant [where he showed his talong, natch!] and Burlesk King [where he also went full monty in a dance sequence]. When the sexy-movies period ended, Leonardo Litton also disappeared from the limelight. He was last spotted by a NY-based friend at Perlas ng Silangan, a Filipino resto along Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside. Apparently, he is now based in the Big Apple.

Cocky: Richard Guebar

He now carries the name Richard Guebar. He was another seasoned bikini contest aspirant. His latest career episodes ranged from playing one of the mermans in the GMA 7 fantasy series Atlantika, an archer also in GMA’s Encantadia, and a henchman in Captain Barbell. He claims to have done a porn flick which was exclusively released in Europe [will look for it on 8th Ave. soon]. Three years ago, when he was still a bit on the heavy side, he was bolder…….