The Other Legaspi Brother

There was a time when actor Zoren Legaspi [who is turning 39 years old today] acknowledged that “Zoren” is actually not his real name but the birth name of his older brother. Since he was the first of the Legaspi brothers to enter show business, he took on the name for more recall. In photo is older brother Brando Legaspi [who is turning 41 on 4 February]. He entered showbiz rather late, full three years after Zoren. He’s now an assistant director for Zoren’s shows.

WITWI Brando Legaspi

Where in the world is Brando Legaspi? It is said that the real [birth certificate owner] name of “Zoren Legaspi” was Brando Legaspi. His younger brother [the now-Zoren Legaspi] was the first to come home for good from years of stay in Chicago, IL and apparently he took on the unique name of his older brother. Eventually, the sons [including Kier] of erstwhile character actor Lito Legaspi, followed suit after realizing the initial success of “Zoren” in the biz. Brando was left with no choice but to take on another screen tag. He went on to appear in soft porn and action movies, culminating in 2004 when he appeared for World Arts Cinema’s Butakal [Animal].