While my Guitar…

Move over Carlos and Jake, there’s a new Guitar underwear model and he’s wet, wet, wet! This is Brazilian Victor Dalcol, who’s raring and daring in dem white undies under the summer sun. Could this be the trend in underwear modeling? Need we see more? Need I say more?

Cloaked in Mystery

For V-Day, we feature love gone wrong. Why did Daniel Matsunaga and his girlfriend Erich break up? Is it really about money issues, Daniel deep in debt? Why is Daniel’s sister, Vanessa getting in on the act, prodding Erich to “speak up about the issue on money”? Why did Vanessa tell the press that Daniel did not take advantage of Erich because “there really is nothing to take advantage of”? (giggles). Are they rich in Brazil, outside the favelas? Why am I engaged in gossip when this is a racy-photos site?

A Fresh Start

While we are on his story: It has been a while since we last saw Daniel Matsunaga in his sexiest photo shoot. Yes, that was then when he was just, uh, learning how to shave in a foreign land. Now that he’s single, I guess he’ll be getting hottie-nekkid anytime soon. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with these latest underwear shots for his new endorsement. Hot, eh!

Happy Returns

One of our favorite Brazilians is back in town! Hideo Muraoka is still in fine form, after his holidays in São Paulo. Remember when he was just starting out on Philippine shores, he was made to wear all the skimpy underwear in fashion and commercial shows. Of course, he’s still doing that these days, and he’s never been hotter than ever (Exhibits A and B above).

Hot day!

hideo11-copyBrazilian hunk Hideo Muraoka  has always been one of the traditional favorites in this site and he never fails to amaze us with his speedo shots.  He has always, well, warmed the cockles of our hearts (and maybe loins) with his gratuitous swimwear shots.  It’s his birthday month, too, and Hideo has grown on me over the years, if you ask me.

Hideo up front

hideoHideo Muraoka looks hot and sexy in this shot and finally he dons the swimwear with the bulge. Previously, the Brazilian model was more conservative shirtless in board shorts and jeans. Hopefully, he’ll always wear the swim trunks in his photo shoots. Because we can never get enough of this guy, that’s why!

Super Star!

danHe may not be too keen anymore showing off his glorious 70s bush, but Brazilian model-actor Daniel Matsunaga is certainly handsomer these days. Daniel’s still doing the clean-cut wholesomeness shtick to cutesy perfection on national tv. Nudity is sorely missed, though.

You’ve touched his perfect body…

hans-wieser-copy…with your mind. Bench Body underwear model Hans Weiser forgot his drawers at home, and we’re just too glad he did on this photoshoot. Hans always had amazing photographs in this site, but none came close to this one in his perfect pumptitude. Is there anything more to be said?

In fine form

leu-kiisterWhen Carleucio Kiister was a wee bit younger, he left Barra da Tijuca beach for greener pastures in Asia. These days, he has reinvented himself as Ross Kiister, model and fitness trainer in Makati and surrounding areas.

ross-kiisterSo this post is all about getting inspired by such good visage. Ross is in fine form, and maybe you, you and yes you fat person would like to get his services as a personal trainer. His social media pages contain his contact details, and if all else fails, message me for his numbers. Be nice because he is a good boy. Except when I get distracted by that bulge.

Seeing Triple

McMahon11How do you like the new look of Mark McMahon? The underwear catalog model is sporting the trendy short sides style. Of course, I we couldn’t help but take note of his healthy front, too. Mark’s dabbling into showbiz once in a while and seeing him in his undies is an extra treat!


Anyone who’s a nipo-brasileiro model in town will always have a special place in this site. After all, we fell in love with the Satos, Matsunagas and Muraokas of yore. Another one in Manila wouldn’t crowd the scene. Welcome Bruno Kodama from the current site of the Summer Olympics!

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