The Gang

IMG_1364Hail, hail the boys are here! How do you measure hotness in this picture? Now, this would be my dream aquarium (reference: link)! I can’t seem to choose among the Persian, Brazilian or Scot. Or maybe I’ll consider the French dude, notwithstanding there’s the Canadian-Chinese cutie. Life’s unfair, really. Yeah, who are you lusting after?

Brent versus the upstart

brent7It is sometimes unfair to make a choice, say, between Brent Javier and Mark McMahon, cutie-hotties both, no doubt. They’re both lording over the Underwear Endorsers Club, so I guess it is difficult not to compare.

markm6Brent’s been in the biz for quite some time but he still has the goods to show young upstarts like Mark how it is done. I guess it is always a good thing – these eye candy, bring-home-to-momma boys in underwear. These hot and sexy, cute and adorable chunks of man-meat delight!

Boys with Sunnies

The look of summer for boys would have to be this. Shirtless in brightly colored shorts. With sunnies. Plus the mandatory accessory: abs and more abs.  Like these boys, all tanned and ready for the sun and sea. From left: Benjamin Alves, Hideo Muraoka, JC Tiuseco and Brent Javier. And the eternal question: Who’s your boy?


On the occasion of Bench Body‘s biennial underwear extravaganza [tonight and tomorrow], where all the bulges come out to play, I remember, too, the best buttocks that went on display in the past shows. From left, there’s fat-bottomed boy Wendell Ramos, who never fails to expose those plump cheeks every other year. One year, hunky model Andrew Wolff went out in his thongs and the coliseum went wild. And then there’s boyish Brent Javier, who’s quite daring, too, in the early years of the fleshfest of Bench. Lastly, original Bench hunk Jon Hall had to show off his sexy brown buttocks in the show.