Cosmo Night

It’s Cosmo Night later! The boys and the men are out to play for the girls. Of course, we’ll see the usual wet, sweaty bods on stage. Some may pull down their pants. Others will just have to be prissy with their jeans on. But just the same, it will be one wild night with all the half-naked men.  Here are some moments in the past Cosmo Bachelors Bash that I remember.
 The water gun was introduced in 2008, to douse the guys, including Bruce Quebral.
 Many were surprised to see the transformation of singer Christian Bautista in 2010.
Bonus: hair!

 Actor Dennis Trillo first appeared in the Cosmo event in 2005 looking cute and hot.

 Dingdong Dantes went nekkid on the cover of the magazine and he was the night’s star in 2007.
 An unknown youngster by the name of Enchong Dee failed to elicit loud screams in 2006.

 Newbie Jon Mullally was still a bit player in 2006, relegated to the fly-in models group.

 Daring actor Marco Morales was the opening act in the 2007 edition.
Surprisingly, he didn’t pull his shorts down.
 Actor Marco Alcaraz had his undies cut into pieces and threw them into the crowd.

 In 2005, Will Devaughn boldly stepped out of his pants.
Zanjoe Marudo, then a fledgling model, also showed up in his underwear 
at the 2005 edition [with Iago Raterta]


My favorite moreno guys are these ones: Marco Alcaraz, Bruce Quebral and Emmanuel Mago. They all started with playing hoops for their respective schools way back in college. Marco headlined for the San Sebastian Stags, Bruce for the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons, and Bobby for the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals.  And then they modeled for the fashion designers in town. Who are your favorite moreno guys?


Today is the go-see for the biennial Bench Body underwear show in September. Models and wannabes from all over the country will troop to the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel to audition for the two-night show. The show’s a virtual fleshfest, with guys in their raciest and raunchiest selves. What were your favorite moments in the history of the underwear show? I have some list below:

Bruce showing his pubes and his shaft – well, almost.

Wendell‘s biennial buttfest.

– nekkid on stage.

Rafa‘s near-frontal, I swear he could’ve done it.

Jakey‘s butt floss episode.

And one more, from the recent show.

Bruce in the news

Baller, model, occasional actor and flight attendant Bruce Quebral is hogging showbiz headlines these days – issues about a secret marriage gone sour and stale. The 28-year-old hunk, who rose to relative fame via the local edition of Big Brother, bid bye-bye to the klieg lights last year to become a steward for a Dubai-based airline. Now, with rumors of a marriage done hush-hush and a slowly deteriorating relationship, Bruce is once more thrust into the limelight to clarify the matter. So far, no statements have been issued yet. I would sure love to see this moreno hunk again.

Three men

Now, here are three guys to choose from, and here’s the question: The best looking guy among the lot is [from left to right] –
It’s a motley group of models, really as Vince Canizares is a mestizo Filipino-Spanish, Eduardo Fagundes is totally Brazilian, and Bruce Quebral is the moreno Filipino. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but the three models have not been very active at the moment. Too bad.  Now, if you ask me, I’ll go for Vince first.

Bruce Quebral bids showbiz goodbye

Former baller, Bench model, Cosmo bachelor and part-time actor Bruce Quebral is quitting showbiz to be a cabin crew member of an airline company based in the Middle East. Flight Attendant or Steward to most. Bruce says that a career in the airline industry is more stable and dependable, as he plans to build a family after five years. Oh well, it seems like this would have to be the last time we’ll get to see Bruce in his near-naked glory.

Cosmo Bruce

It’s Cosmo season once again! Turns out, baller-turned-model-actor Bruce Quebral is one of the guys featured in the top ten bachelors.  In his CS3-ed photo for the magazine, Bruce is seen showing tufts of hair in his pubic mound.  Now, I’m thinking Bruce has found his regulation pose and angle, i.e., showing off his pubic hair in public. Remember, in the recently-concluded Bench Blackout show, he was also seen lowering his briefs to reveal generous amounts of those kinky little hairs down there. Maybe next time he can lower his briefs more.

Back stage

There are different ways to calm one’s nerves before a show where one has to come out on stage nearly naked. Or naked, in some cases. Top photo was taken at the back stage of the Be Bench Grand Finals and Underwear Show held last year at the huge Araneta Coliseum, where Bruce Quebral and Jon Mullally wait for their turns. Overexposed Ian Porlayagan, on the other hand [bottom, left photo] takes a shot of alcohol to relax or maybe to ham it up a little on stage at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash at the NBC Tent. Of course, nothing beats cigarettes for smokers to ease the tension of going out before a live audience in Lips Bar, with no crotch cover [bottom, left photo].