Free Transform

dm21How old is Derrick Monasterio? Eighteen or 19? He was cute as a button when he was just starting out as a tween actor in GMA. Now, he’s sexy as fuck. He’s completely different now, “emerged from baby fat to the delight of girls and mothers alike.”

Underwear models for summer

tomasActor and Bench Body underwear endorser Tom Rodriguez just finished shooting for the summer campaign of the local brand. Whether it’s one stuffed pair of briefs or not, we couldn’t care less, as we’re madly excited for a new set of sexy images of the guy! Bring it on, Tom!


vinyOne of the newest endorsers of the underwear brand is Brazilian model Vinicius Cenzi. The 6’1″-tall hunk has been modeling underwear brands for quite some time already. No wonder, he easily donned Bench Body briefs in a recent shoot for the company’s summer campaign.

The stuff of our fantasies

Pau89 copyFrom the mail: candid and loving every bulge-minute of it! This is, of course, actor-of-the-moment Paulo Avelino in his regulation gym shorts. Now we can, uh, discern, just a wee bit, what made him very successful in his home studio.

Movie Star


He’s not afraid to pose nekkid for the cameras. In fact, he’s always in his undergarments in most photo shoots. That is why Gerard Garcia formerly known as Gerard Sison will do just about anything to be known in the entertainment industry. Last seen as one of this year’s Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine centrefolds, Gerard is all set to make his presence felt in show business!

How big is John Estrada?


You might be wondering, too. You see, there’s talk that 41-year-old hot papi John Estrada is extraordinarily well-endowed. Big penis, to say it bluntly. Every time he goes out in public in tight denims, there’s a certain bulge out there that’s very noticeable.  Too bad, he’s not doing sexy shoots now, bikinis and all.


Once upon a time, John was a Bench Body model and he appeared on stage in his underwear.  Sometimes, I wish he would stop the teasing and start titillating us with his legendary bulge again. I wish.


Oh, did you know that John did butt enhancement surgery seven years ago? He even went public about it. Hot, eh?


For Flashback Friday, Dennis Trillo Now [left] contemplates on his showbiz past and realizes that Dennis Trillo Then was a blue-eyed unitard-wearing, bulge-showing, space-flying cadet on prime time tv. Of course, the guy’s always cute. And hot.

Aljur Again and Now

Look what seven freakin’ years did to Aljur! In 2007, GMA attempted to do sci-fi in its prime time via Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan a la Space Cadets. Aljur was one of the three lead stars in spandex [left image].  Fast forward to 2014 and Aljur’s still in a fantasy series [and tight bodysuit], this time deep in the ocean for the mermaid show Kambal Sirena. Definitely he looks better now.


Tom Rodriguez loves to tease. He knows he has the goods. The newly-inducted showbiz A-lister is now doing selfies to chronicle his road to body perfection. He should look good nekkid: the 26-year-old will be seen next in skimpy undies for Bench Body‘s new campaign. 


Happy Monday everyone! May your week be stuffed with good vibes always! Here’s 18-year-old Ahmer Timothy, who is getting noticed lately. The 5’8″-tall cutie plays for the Philippine Azkals as a midfielder/striker.  He’s also an up-and-coming model. 


It seems, Aljur is bursting with glee with the success of his tv series about mermaids. In the prime time show, he’s not required to wear shirts. Which is good, right? Now, if only he’ll drop his pants just a wee bit.
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