Mister International

German-Thai model Nick Nolte is in town, too, doing the rounds for the Mister International contest. I can’t decide between him and Mr. Hong Kong for the title, and maybe they can do a la All-Stars Drag Race and declare a tie. They deserve the gold, if only for the daring VPLs and shaft shows. Nick is such a dream, isn’t he?


Who is Mossen Sripen and why is he breaking the (Gaysian) internet lately? He’s a Thai model, who became famous for his risqué photo shoots in the past. He’s apparently back, after a bout with myositis (Google that one out). Since there’s a dearth of racy photos here of late, we’re looking at the other side of the pond for some fresh catch. Continue reading Mossen!

The young’un


Speaking of balls and holes, oh, these young’uns! This Monday pick-me-uppers will have to stop, for now. I get all these emails and it would be a shame not to share these images of anonymous persons in scandalous positions. Like this one who gives a whole new meaning to the saying “sometimes it’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts.”

Butas Approved by MTRCB

The controversial Marco Morales movie Butas [Loophole] has finally been approved for commercial showing by the MTRCB starting on 28 January 2009 [Wednesday]. It will be screened in in selected theaters : Robinsons Galeria, Robinsons Ermita, Gotesco Grand Central Caloocan, Gotesco Ortigas, Isetan Recto Cinerama, ABC-Theater Guadalupe, Remar Theater Cubao, Robinsons Iloilo and Cebu Vistarama in Colon. Plus you can now see Marco in person because there’s a “Meet and Greet” Marco and Allen Dizon at the Robinson’s Galeria Cinema Lobby on January 31 [Saturday] at 5pm.

Up Close and Marco

Here’s another one of those photos of Marco Morales. This time I decided to go with the large close-up size for better appreciation. Like, there’s some outline of a flaccid penis in there, a little birth mark [or maybe, a mole], bits of newly-trimmed hair peering out of the fibers of the jockeys, a conformation of tight testicles and brown smooth skin, of course. So, here’s the take-a-picture-and-save-it-for-posterity shot. Marco Morales is such a dream, isn’t he? I just wish Butas will be shown in regular theaters shown. Uncut, of course.

Butas moved January 28

How about storming the gates of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] at President Tower along Timog Avenue in Quezon City and badger the review personnel to approve for commercial showing the Marco Morales flick Butas without cuts? Because, guys, the regular showing of Butas has been moved by the producers to January 28 and that is still temporary pending the green light from the MTRCB. Apparently, MTRCB is making Butas pass through the eye of the needle, most recently. Of course, for those who missed the UP uncut screening, it will be such a thrill to see Marco Morales prance on the big screen once again, with stiff determination, right? Oh, MTRCB should just give the go-ahead for this movie, without cuts!

Froilan Moreno in Butas

Another supporting actor in the most-anticipated movie of January, i.e. Butas, is Froilan Moreno. He was previously featured here as a 21-year-old centerfold of a gay magazine. Reportedly,  Butas will have twelve [12] frontal nudity scenes of Marco Morales alone [some photos were sent to me earlier but I’m not at liberty to post yet], plus those of Froilan Moreno. And the girl.  Set the date of the premiere: January 12, 7.30 p.m. at the UP Film Institute. Regular showing in theaters is on January 15.