The Good Side

His name is Jescent Ramos!

Ample Assets

Yes, we’re having those today, courtesy of Fil-Brit model Charlie Sutcliffe (shown here with bff Daniel Marsh).  I love it when boys get rowdy and raunchy, they show off sometimes. In Charlie’s case, we’re helpless witnesses to this sexy stud’s seriously impressive backside.

HBD Jake!

It would be criminal not to greet Jake Cuenca today on his 29th birthday, as he has been one of the top favorites in the almost 10-year existence of this blog. He has undoubtedly inspired, aroused and stimulated us  whenever he put on dem tiny undies, so here’s to Jakey!

These are so far my favorite photos of him when he did his swan song a couple of years ago for the Bench Body brand. He went out with a loud bang (and audience cheers), of course, wearing those very revealing x-shape g-string thongs. Happy Birthday Mr. Cuenca!

Hot Buns

jc-santosThis is John Carlo Santos, right? Man of the moment. Cute boy of the prime time block. This one’s a better JC, a more talented one, with reputable credentials in the performing arts.  His work as a theater actor before has gone rather underappreciated but now that he’s on TIMY the collective masses have caught on.

jc-santos-2-copyThese photos weren’t uncovered until a later date.  Now that he has come this far, we won’t be seeing these bootylicious shots in a long, long while. So gaze and be amazed at those perky buttocks! Such is the package of JC Santos!


Sid1 Sid2

Popular Instagram hunk Sid Garabato graces our Sunday with his cheeky presence. Sometimes we have to amp up a bit, veering away from the usual celebs and twinks and bikini boys of the gutter. Sid’s a league of his own, a Filipino guy in the US, modeling and acting and making quite a mark in the social media scene.

The young’un


Speaking of balls and holes, oh, these young’uns! This Monday pick-me-uppers will have to stop, for now. I get all these emails and it would be a shame not to share these images of anonymous persons in scandalous positions. Like this one who gives a whole new meaning to the saying “sometimes it’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts.”

Rear Entry

John copyTop model John Spainhour is back, giving more buttocks for your buck. You’ve seen his full frontal sweetness, now gawk at his backside sweatiness ! Isn’t he bringing the rear to whole new levels?

SammySam Ajdani may not be known for plump buttocks but he may be better recognized for his front parts. You know, face and stuff. And then again, it’s a toss-up as to which side of Sammy is better – the back or the front.  You decide.

Plump and Proper

IMG_2814Normally I do not repeat a boy-post within a week, and then again I tend to break my own blog rules sometimes. Henrik Lagoni is a favorite, of course, and those plump and ample cheeks deserve a post all of their own. I can’t think of a better full written account but as I have said before, when words fail, bountiful buttocks speak.

Hump day break

L1424782Let’s keep it warm and toasty today, okay? In the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, mean Mike Teavee complained that the Chocolate Factory tour doesn’t make sense and has no point. To which, good Charlie Bucket replied: “Candy doesn’t have to have a point. That’s why it’s candy.”  After all the sex videos and screencaps, I wish to declare that this blog doesn’t have to have a point. It’s enough that you see the eye-candy -sweet, bitter, sour, bland, fusty even – in this site. Unapologetically, this is a photoblog – pornographic or otherwise – that will never put sense into your lives. Meanwhile, if you can stand the posts, enjoy the scrumdidliumcious photos in the coming days.

Jeff is ready

Jeff Luna 89Diversity thrives in this site: we get to see actors, wannabes and models, a smattering of bikini open contestants and some Brazilians. Jeff Luna is blurring the fine line between legit actor and “adult” performer for indie flicks of the salacious kind. These days, Jeff is seen as a regular tv actor on ABS-CBN’s afternoon soaps, which fact deserves a post all his own today.

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