Francis8You might have blinked and missed this hot and handsome guy at the Cosmo carnival last Saturday, but there’s always the worldwide web for steamy photos! In town for the event (and to visit family members),

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Filipino-Kiwi model and actor Francis Mossman was one of the better-looking hunks at the weekend event. He’s an actor back in Oz and well, his unconventional good looks and well-built physique make him a standout from the cookie-cutter model boys. (Yes, he has a cute younger brother here who sings and hosts shows)

By request: Kenji Marquez


Yesterday my email received quite a number of requests for a Chema Marquez a.k.a. Kenji Marquez post. I figured, he’s now a private person and wondered about the sudden interest in one of the original Bench Body models. And then again, I’m only too willing to oblige lest the angry, complaining lot descend on this site again. Today, we have a Kenji Marquez post.


Kenji first appeared as one of the Bench underwear models 12 years ago. He’s seen here in the China launch of the underwear line.


Back then he was in good(looking) company. He was with Zanjoe Marudo, Luke Jickain, Corey Wills, Einar Ingebrigtsen, Victor Basa, Andrew Wolff, Alvin Alfonso, Rocky Salumbides and Jon Mullally. It was a fab lot of handsome boys assembled by Bench. But I digress.


After that China stint, Mr. Marquez modeled for Bench for a while.

kenji4 kenji5

As one of the favored ones, Bench even included him in a coffee table book. Sexy, eh?


Chema also dabbled into acting, most of the time as the token Japanese guy. He claims he doesn’t have Japanese blood, actually. Born Jose Manuel Marquez Laurel, he comes from a long line of prominent personalities in politics, entertainment and fashion. Chema is now off the showbiz grid as he works in a bank.

Where the sun doesn’t shine

teaser copyI know you love sex tapes and scandals and what-nots. Today, I am giving you something to talk about. Actually, something to speculate about. Isn’t he a hottie, this showbiz guy who has appeared in countless movies, mainly indie-produced?

Dancing Kings

allen allen2

Today’s menu consists of buns and fresh man meat! Allen Molina serves up some wet, wet buttocks in a bikini competition he ruled most recently. Allen’s always comfy and buck-arse naked in the contests he’s in, always a real treat to the audience.

Albert11 Albert14If you can dance nearly-nekkid in a big hall full of howling (amused) people with just a tiny silk sac covering your shaft and scrotum, then you’re definitely a winner. Top that off with a bangin’ bod and some suave moves a la Filipino macho dancer. Albert Gonzales was the runaway winner in this contest, actually.


dalRemember that cute boy who auditioned for Century Tuna Superbods last year? Yeah, that one. The 19-year-old Aussie Dale McDonald, who nearly made it as a finalist except that some uglies were more influential with the judges. IMG_0987Well, he celebrated Australia Day a couple of days ago, naughtily showing off his hairy arse. We can’t complain, right?

Allen’s fleshy round buttocks

allen butt copyOhh, don’t you wish you can pinch Allen Molina‘s big and soft buttocks? I can do more with those twins, actually! Allen should, uh, well maybe think about insuring his primary assets these days.

Booty Cruz

IMG_3813 copy

There’s nothing like some nice, jiggly booty on a Saturday. And waddya know, here’s bikini open vet Justine Cruz once again, showing us full and fleshy buttocks. He’s smokin’ in those tight little thongs – plump backside, sturdy legs, and all.

But Jeff


Model Jeff Langan is back for a tease. Which reminds me again – after all the small-dick, big-dick talk, we go behind the man. How important is the size of a man’s butt to you? Or does it matter at all? Some people want them round and plump and fleshy. Others prefer lean and flat. I’m going for the fat and bouncing variety, if you ask me. There’s something about a man with a bubble butt. What’s your take?


IMG_3226 copy

Cute and very daring indie actor JM Martinez is actually our buttocks boy all along. He’s a former bikini open contestant who did the rounds of the things-and-thongs circuit for a few years before venturing into the pink movie industry. He’s churning out flick after flick of the naked-boys-kissing variety.

Boy Buttocks

butt copy

Hot Butts Tuesday! Who likes succulent backsides? Pretty soon, we’ll get to see more of this cute boy’s delicious buttocks [plus lots more]. Soon enough.

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