Underwear model and tv bit player Pancho Magno tries to tease and moon us. The hunky Bench Body endorser is surprisingly left out of this year’s back-to-school campaign with his images of near-nakedness. This butt crack picture  from way back will do, for now.

Butt, Plump

IMG_7428 copy

Buttocks, plump like Allen Molina‘s. Smooth and flawless, too. There’s nothing sexier than a man’s backside, fully worked out.

Full Moon

In a local bikini contest, the more skin one shows, the better chances he has at the prize.  Of course, one cannot show his penis in public, out of decency. Maybe just a hint of balls here, or, the more proper choice there – the buttocks. In photo is student and bikini open contestant Antonio Kwong, who mooned the audience the night of the Summer King competition.

Pinoy Butt

This is the uncut Pinoy guy, showing us his rump. Round mounds of brown flesh, with stretch- and pockmarks and all the natural imperfections. Who doesn’t like Pinoy butt? 

Butt Boys

It’s not all about the bulges, VPLs and frontals. Some like fleshy 
and round buttocks, too.
Actor-athlete Derek Ramsay shows off in his pink tights.

Bench Body resident teaser Sam Ajdani wants it up close.

 And international model for underwear John Spainhour likes to clench it.

Metro Body: John James

It’s John James Uy‘s turn to do another round of sexy. Post BeBench, the cute model and bit player is active on tv again. He’s daring and baring in this year’s Body Issue of Metro Magazine.  Buy the magazine, featuring hot boys [and girls] in various degrees of nakedness for the magazine’s 25th year anniversary celebration!

Mac’s Bottom

Male-model-of-the-moment Mark Manicad has a cute bottom. 
One reader asks: is it true he has a private video, done when he was a relative unknown
in then-popular alternative web chat sites?

Dear Derriere

Oh, you’ve seen Dingdong Dantes‘s buttocks some time ago. I think that was when he covered the annual centerfold issue of Cosmo [Phils] magazine 6 years ago. This year, he flashed his dear derriere again, albeit in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene in his movie One More Try. Would you also kiss-sniff his ass?

Spanking The Jakey

What is new with Jake Cuenca? Let’s see. He practically wore all the new underwear styles of Bench Body. He’s done butt shots in public. He made love to a guy on screen in the most cinematic rump-thumping gay sex scene ever on Philippine cinema. And now, he’s smacking the monkey in the Cinemalaya movie Nuwebe! Too bad he didn’t  turn around for the all out show. And then again, that particular scene [see screen caps] is hot enough. Maybe the full frontal next?

Bubble Butt Baller

And here’s the butt shot of ex-PBA player Rob Duat. Firm and tight posterior of a hunky man. 
Happy Monday everyone!
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