Sweet and Sweaty

The sweaty guy in denim shorts is Jero of the Calendar Boys. ┬áHe’s not that active in showbiz anymore, although a couple of years ago, he was one of the daring boys who posed naked for a calendar. ┬áThis gym instructor from Binan, Laguna could have been a Provoq man, but he chose to stay out of the limelight after the calendar shoot. I wonder where he is now?


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Darion Cueto of the Calendar Boys

Darion Cueto of the Calendar Boys is now a full-time athlete. As Mr. May and June of the 2005 Calendar Boys, he bared his dates and numbers. But last year, the 26 year-old amateur boxer was seen in the Universal Reality Combat Championship [URCC] shown on ABS-CBN. Too, he competed at the 2007 Philippine Olympic Qualifying Games [National Capital Region] where he got the silver medal in the seniors category [74 kgs] of the wrestling event.

The Calendar Boys

They were known as the Calendar Boys, a motley group of guys assembled to pose naked for the 2005 Calendar. Among the six, one didn’t get to see his member see print but went on to do bit roles in indie movies [Xeno , third from left], one became a Provoq man after starring in a harcore porn flick [Josh Ivan Morales aka Maico Eduria, leftmost], one became a Ginoong Pilipinas winner [Arjay John Mones, second from left], and one is now a preacher and amateur boxer [Darion Cueto, third from right].

Dick-a-Day: Jero of the Calendar Boys

Simply known as Jero of the 2005 Calendar Boys, the 22-year old daring hunk from Binan, Laguna is a gym instructor by profession. No wonder he has the most developed bod in the motley group of good-looking men that made up the controversial calendar that started it all. Of the group, only Maico Eduria still remains active in the limelight, as one of the older members of the Men of Provoq.

Remember Arjay John Mones?

While we are on the matter of Ginoong Pilipinas, here’s Arjay John Mones , the Pandi [Bulacan] native who was the 2005 Ginoong Pilipinas grand winner. Easily the most controversial in his batch then, he first appeared as one of the contestants on Bodyshots 2004 [won by Dennis Dizon], together with his fresh-off-the-boat friend, a very young Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales. Next came the opportunity for showbiz, so he appeared as Mr.September and October for the 2005 Calendar Boys, where he was snapped in a naked romp in a grassy field, dong-a-dangling. After winning the Ginoong Pilipinas title, Arjay John Mones disappeared for a while from the limelight, concentrating on work in Saipan. Now he is back, obviously with a bit of weight [although he still looks good]. He is seen regularly as one of the male leads in Channel 7’s Daisy Syete, that seriously-titled kitsch of a show by the Sexbomb dancers.