Carlo Guevara is a cute cub.

This is the latest photo of Bench model search winner Carlo Guevara for the publicity of the latest [fourth] season of Lipgloss. Carlo Guevara – who went from jelly-belly to hardy-hearty prior to becoming relatively famous – was very fit when he won the reality show that got Bench looking for fresh and new faces as its models.  It seems that he’s going the roly-poly way again, with his significant weight gain.  Just the same, watch Carlo Guevara as he takes on the role of gay Jose Mari every Saturday at 5 p.m. on TV5.

Carlo Guevara moves to TV5

Teen underwear model and actor Carlo Guevara has a new show and it’s not at the station that discovered him.  The 19-year-old cutie is in the teen drama Lipgloss over at TV5.  He plays Jose Mari, a new student at the exclusive high school Linden High where most of the story is played. Of course, this season promises to be hotter and more exciting with the entry of new guys, in addition to the existing cast members who usually don speedos and board shorts in the episodes as varsity swimmers.  I sure hope that Carlo Guevara will hone his acting chops in this show.  

Carlo versus Enchong

Let’s do some voting: between Carlo Guevara [left] and Enchong Dee, who would you choose and why?  Carlo Guevara turned 19 years old last month and is a student at the Philippine Christian University along Taft Avenue, Manila.  Enchong Dee is turning 20 next month and is a student of De La Salle University also along Taft Avenue.  Both are Bench underwear models and newbie actors in ABS-CBN’s teenybopper shows.  So, will it be the geeky [yet sexy] Carlo? Or the athletic Enchong?

Carlo v. Ron

At that flesh show last week, two young guys who made some lasting impression were Carlo Guevara and Haroun “Ron” Morales. Who do you like best? Will it be the young-ish and reluctant boy-in-briefs Carlo? Or the sexy and brooding Haroun? The two were the top finishers in the Bench modeling search, where Carlo edged out Haroun at a nationally-televised finals night at the Araneta Coliseum last year.

Carlo Guevara for Bench Body

Bench finally comes up with the poster of its Be Bench Model Search grand winner, barely legal Carlo Guevara. The 18-year-old upstart beat heavy favorites John James Uy and Haroun “Ron” Morales for the top modeling prize. He now appears in ABS-CBN shows as part of his booty in the contest. While Carlo is the reluctant boy in briefs, eliminees John and Ron have started taking the sexy route by going shirtless in Bench ads and in TV. Carlo has now been cast in a teen show in ABS-CBN.

The Be Bench boys in briefs

Who’s the hottest? The top three boys at the Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Model Search finally reveal themselves in Bench underwear. Ultimate winner Carlo Guevara [middle] surprisingly looks trim and fit despite his boyish mien. Brooding runner-up Haroun “Ron” Morales [left], a Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 alumnus, is the hot stuff. And eliminee John James Uy [right], who was the front-runner during the weekly eliminations but got waylaid during the finals night, is showing some promise with his boy-next-door demeanor. So, who’s the hottest of them all?