Another Southern Boy

IMG_1329Since it’s Cebu week, where all the fun and festivities are happening, here’s another boy from the Queen City. You know how they come in all shapes and sizes (mostly goodlooking) and Wiji Panoso happens to be one of the top models there. I hate the styling here tbh, but he does look good in person. Plus, he can carry that Bench Body underwear with much, uh, aplomb.

Southern Boy

Juniel copyOur post today is a big reminder that it’s not always slim pickings this side of the world wide web. New boy Juniel Desucatan from Bantayan, Cebu proves that he can be a handsome face with a bangin’ body to boot. Right now, he’s working in the Queen City down South.

junielllThat’s his closeup and I find him sexy and charming. Heck, he can give the local models in Manila a run for their knickers (and money). Quick, someone sign him up!


There’s another cute guy down South who’s making a name for himself in the modeling scene there. His name is Benjoe Leoncio, a 19-year-old student of Civil Engineering at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. A few more polishing here and there, he’s good to go and he can give the Manila models a run for their money.