The Christophers

These are two actors who are known for their derring-do, on- and off-cam. Christopher Libunao or Cedric Javier widely known [left], burst into the scene as one of the last members of  the pioneering sexy male group Viva Hotmen.  He did a couple of direct-to-video sex flicks while he was in that group.  On the other hand, Christopher Reyes or Kristofer King popularly known, got his first showbiz act when he beat Coco Martin in an audition for the male lead of the acclaimed small film, Ang Babae Sa Breakwater.  Mr. King – who now takes on small roles in gay indie flicks – boasts of being the only contemporary actor who has walked the red carpet in Festival de Cannes twice.  Both Christophers, when they don’t have movie projects, are entrepreneurs. 

M2M4 Boys

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! The boys of the straight-to-video gay flick M2M4 EXXXXTREME [The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex] are all posing and primping together. Say, if you were given the chance to choose among the guys, who would it be and why?  Remember, it’s just a freebie and a night. Will you get the hustlers or the innocent-looking boy? The hot guy or the hunky veteran?  Lots of choices, difficult decision. 

Cedric Javier extreme

“Who knows his number? Can you post it here please? Pretty please?” I’m sure those would have to be the questions once I post these photos of a new and lighter Cedric Javier. Most people here, if not everyone, know Mr. Javier as the entrepreneur with a personal touch. One who plugs deals and horns in arrangements of the lurid kind. He claims to have a big black book of available talents and sometimes the transactions fall through. Sometimes they don’t. So, with a caveat – Can you please post his number here? And some feedback, from those with first-hand experience.

M2M4 now out!

One of the most important movies of Philippine cinema, M2M4 EXXXXTREME (The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex) is now out in your favorite video stores (DVD/VCD formats). It stars Paolo Rivero, John Miller (of Men of Provoq), Cedric Javier (of Viva Hotmen), Joseff Young a.k.a. Seff Posadas (of Showboyz) and Kristofer King . Judging from the promo pictures, I think we’re in for some treat from the boys. Those who have seen the video can post their reviews here.


Because he is one of the more popular persons in this site, I’m bringing back the Cedric Javier sounding board. Controversial and scandalous, this former member of the Viva Hotmen has surprisingly stayed on the gay consciousness long after his group and fellow members have disappeared into the pink horizon. Of course, the reason would have to be the lurid and lusty tales about Cedric Javier and his exploits. So, what’s your tale about this guy?

What’s with Cedric Javier?

The last post on Cedric Javier has generated many comments and emails from readers, mostly pointing out bitty proportions and money changing hands. Some even emailed his real name: Christopher Libunao, from Antipolo City. For whatever it’s [or he’s] worth, Cedric Javier sure deserved some second look, another close scrutiny at a gay man’s lust-have. Did he break hearts? Satisfy some fantasies? Or dissipate some energies [and funds] along the way? Was he worth it? I can only second-guess from all the emails and comments. Other victims, lovers, lunatics can come out now and speak.

Latest Valentino Magazine is Out!

The latest issue of the pioneering gay mag, Valentino, is now out! This is a worth-it buy, guys, because there’s less photoshopping in the pics. On the cover is the last Viva Hotmen member, Cedric Javier, with one peek-a-boo photo inside the packed pages. Incidentally, this is also the Anniversary Issue, so expect lots of ragazzi nudi like never-seen-before-photos of favorite twinkie boys Kaisan Lopez, Gabriel Fajardo, Jerwin Ellao, and lots more.

Twenty-three year old Cedric Javier stands 6′ tall and has been modeling part-time for the last couple of years after the Viva Hotmen disbanded. He was in the digital movies, Coed Scandal and Pinoy Kama Sutra, both as the, uh, naked guy.