New movie SRO [Standing Room Only] is about the lurid goings-on inside the seedy-sordid movie houses with X-rated double features. Actually it is all about the rentboys inside the cinema, and how their stories connect with each other. Kris King returns to his turf – the dark corners of a movie house, where he gets to mingle and tingle some ding dongs, more specifically those of comer Rain Javier and Charles Delgado [in picture] of Booking fame. SRO is slated for showing on 3 February 2010 in limited theaters.


Butt boy is Charles Delgado and the other one’s Rain Javier, introduced as a comer [newbie, I meant] in the independently produced flick SRO [Standing Room Only]. The setting’s an old cinema called Maharlika, and the boys go a-hunting for sexual favors and tricks inside the dark and dingy halls. SRO is produced and directed by Cleo Paglinawan under Sunflower Films. Showing date starts on 3 February 2010 in selected theaters.

Charles Delgado is of age

Charles Delgado gets an introducing role in the new Marco Morales movie Booking. He plays a 16-year-old prostitute in the indie flick. Although he looks schoolboyish, small and slender, he is already 19 years old. Catch the scenes of this newcomer in Booking, which is set for showing at the UP Film Institute on 24 February 2009 [not 23 February, as previously posted]. The commercial run will start on 4 March 2009. Of course, there’s the obligatory frontal nudity scenes of the main man plus the support cast.