Sons of @#$%#%!

Well, what do we have here? Weekend came early with a five-boys surprise. These are the main boys in the new movie “Anak ng Macho Dancer” coming out soon. (l-r) Miko Pasamonte, Charles Nathan, Sean de Guzman, Ricky Gumera and Mhack Morales are ready to strut their stiff.., er.. stuff!


Naked Romp: Patrick Rivera and Alias Gabriel

Ken Nash aka Patrick Rivera [the older one] and Alias Gabriel [the cute little one] were the initial cover boys of Chika Chika magazine, that gay pulp in the 90’s which launched and upped the careers of male strip-for-pay actors then. Nothing much is known about the charming kid, Alias Gabriel, as the magazine doesn’t give out models’ details, only erotic stories about the gay life. Patrick Rivera, of course, is the veteran bikini pageant contestant – Kouros 2006, Ginoong Pilipinas 2007, Mr. bikini-this-and-that. More on the guys soon.

Posing 101: Lying Face Down

[Anton Bernardo]

[Romano Vasquez]

[Jay Manalo]

[Patrick Guzman]

[Harold Pineda]

[Rodel Velayo]
Back in the olden days, when see-through meant curtains and not men’s underwear, one of the more popular variant poses for the strip-for-pay actors was the one lying face down. Plausibly, photogs for the gay mags who got tired asking their subjects to merely pose with their skivvies on, had to ask the guys to just lie down, with butt-crack showing. Remember, this was in the 90s and it was big deal then for these actors to well, position themselves that way. It was sufficient enough to tickle the prurient fancy of every adolescent gay boy then.

The return of Chika Chika!

The secret magazine of every adolescent gay boy in the late 80s and early 90s – Chika Chika, is back, and better than ever. It must be recalled that Chika Chika Magazine, which was the queen fag mag of its era, contained centerfold images of Filipino hunks from Anton to Zoltan, aside from a smattering of showbiz gossip and promotional feeds. Chika Chika was the original gay rag before the likes of glossier Valentino, Coverboy, G [Gigolo] and the salacious Ultimate Expose and Male Bodyshots magazines came into being. Ultimately, Chika Chika, a publication of Graphic Arts and Services, Inc. or GASI, died a natural death.
Now Don Juan Publishing [also the publishers of the new Valentino and Coverboy magazines] has come up with the resurrected Chika Chika magazine. Judging from the cover featuring Ken Nash [aka Derick Rivera of Kuoros 2006] and Alias Gabriel [the younger, cuter one], it has great sparkling promise. Although the showbiz format was stripped, the magazine still features newcomers in the bare-all scene amidst risqué tales. One thing I noticed was the propensity of the photogs to capture the young male models from behind while they were bent over. Hot! Go buy the magazine guys as it has tons and tons of photos and stories.