Pure testosterone

Locker1 locker2This is my dream locker room, clean and smelling of men and their bodies, and hints of feet, pits and butts sometimes. It’s the heady mix of testosterone, musk, sweat and the odor of body parts from hunks, good looking hunks like Gaz Holgate, Chris Everingham, Harry Morris and Andrew Wolff. This is about as good as it gets.


If you want to see sexy, shirtless boys in short shorts with huge legs and bulging, uh, muscles, head over to the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium to catch Asian Five Nations Division I tournament. Last night, the Philippine national men’s rugby union team defeated Singapore, 37-20, to open its campaign in the rugby tournament. The Philippines continues its campaign on Wednesday at 7 p.m. versus Chinese Taipei, before wrapping up the tournament against Sri Lanka on Saturday. Division I is the second tier of competition in Asian Five Nations rugby, next only to the Top 5. Winning the tournament would earn the Philippines a promotion to the top tier. From left: Chris Everingham, Jake Letts, Darran Seeto, Nick Perry and Kenneth Stern.

Cookies ‘N Cream

Imagine three full-grown, big and burly men dancing furiously. These are the Cookies ‘N Cream, a sexy group formed among the ranks of the Philippine Volcanoes team. The three – Andrew Wolff, Eric Tai and Chris Everingham – performed [and won!] at TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy last weekend. Somehow, I’m reminded of Transformer’s Devastator, a massive mechanoid comprised of several Constructicons, with giant wrecking balls meant to resemble testicles. Just saying. Tee-hee.

PRFU 5: Hunky Chris

Chris Everingham is a 26-year-old personal trainer, “accredited practicing dietitian, accredited nutritionist” from Sydney, Australia. Apparently, he’s also half-Filipino and he’s in the PRFU team. According to his social networking site “[h]e currently resides in Sydney, running his Lifted Health Business in the North Shore and frequently travels to the Philippines for leisure, family and Rugby.”